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Pet Insurance

Australia is one of the nations with the highest pet ownership at 63% of Australian households owning at least one pet. The level of insurance for these pets is less than 2%. With such large importance placed on personal health insurance, why are Australians not taking out insurance on certain furry family members? Is it because of cost? Or because many owners didn't know that it was available?

Pet Insurance Australia is a new organisation that offers specialist health insurance for cats and dogs. The insurance is quite affordable with monthly costs starting from $10.95 for a cat and $11.95 for a dog. Pet Insurance Australia is designed only for animals and is 100% cover for your pet. The insurance covers veterinary costs from illness or injury and assists with cost for vaccinations and de-worming.

Approximately $1.065 billion is spent on veterinary services and products annually in Australia, this could be reduced with more Australians following 20% of UK pet owners who have pet insurance. Dr. Tom Astbury BVSc, MRCVS, is a NSW veterinarian, who has been working in the industry for over 40 years, he believes that having pet insurance in this current economic climate is more important than ever as families cannot afford to be hit with expensive vet bills.

Dr. Tom Astbury explains "Health insurance for pets is absolutely vital and more owners need to realise that taking out a policy is part of their responsibility in owning an animal. Many people don't realise how expensive some animal operations and procedures can be, often in the thousands. Advancing modern technology and specialist skills in the veterinary field means that the treatment and care of pets is capable of providing a much more beneficial outcome but this does involve increased cost," says Dr. Astbury. "As a vet, there is nothing sadder than having to put a dog or cat to sleep because its owners can't afford the medical bills to care for their pet, not to mention the emotional distress caused to the owner and family members. Thousands of animals in these situations could be saved every year in Australia through pet insurance cover to cope with these costs, but it's up to the owners to rise up to this responsibility. Just think, you owe it to your four-legged family friends and they and your whole family will love you for it," he continues.

Pet Insurance Australia has a range of policies to not only suit every cat and dog, but also your budget:
Accidental Injury Cover - 100% vet bill reimbursement for unforeseen accidents and injuries (minus chosen per-condition excess)
Accidental Injury and Illness Cover - Up to 100% vet bill reimbursement related to illness and accidents (minus chosen per-condition excess)
Major Medical Pet Insurance Cover - Up to 100% vet bill reimbursement related to accidents and illness (minus $500 per- condition excess)
Routine Care Cover - Up to 100% reimbursement of routine care costs (e.g. vaccinations, worming, etc.) up to the specified limit for each benefit (no excess)

For those wanting to save on monthly premiums, simply choose a higher excess amount for each condition. And to show just how much money you can save with Pet Insurance Australia, here is an actual claim example: Compound fracture on a toy poodle: Vet bill: $2,274.76 Less Excess: $100.00 You save: $2,174.76 Follow up treatment: Vet bill: $393.70 Less excess: $Nil You save: $393.70

The cost savings speak for themselves, so don't leave your furry family members at risk any longer. Give them something in return for their unconditional love by insuring them today. Simply head to details.


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