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Giorgio Armani Made-To-Measure

Giorgio Armani Made-To-Measure

Shot in dramatic black and white, the distinctive stars of the photographs are the models Maxime Daunay, Zhao Lei and Pepe Barroso, portrayed against a neutral background to focus the attention on their gaze and gestures. Each image brings out the characteristics and idiosyncrasies of each individual, whose uniqueness is enhanced by the soft tailoring of garments that offer comfort, and in emphasising the personality of the wearer, become one with him.

The campaign comprises a harmonious mosaic of ages, personalities and different origins. It will be launched in the international press in March.

Giorgio Armani's Made to Measure service for men meets the needs of sophisticated and demanding customers who wish to wear clothes with unique details and that reflect a personal taste, with the characteristics of naturalness and fluidity typical of Giorgio Armani's design aesthetic.

Valentine's Day 2019 For Men

Valentine's Day 2019 For Men

Valentine's Day 2019: Grooming Gift Ideas for the Special Man in Your Life

KLIM Deep Cleanse Shower Scrub - 375ml
For skin that's cool, calm and collected. Milk & Co Deep Cleanse Shower Scrub is made from enriching marine ingredients including Nori Seaweed extract, to refresh the skin and eliminate toxins.
RRP: $14.95
Available at Chemist Warehouse

KLIM Aqua Cool Shave Gel - 150ml
A refreshing alternative to traditional shaving cream for the modern man, Aqua Cool Shave Gel features cooling Peppermint Oil and soothing Menthol, to make your daily shave an invigorating experience. Rich Coconut Oil helps moisturise and reduce redness, while Peppermint leaves a lasting freshness. Every man's bathroom essential, for the ultimate shaving experience.
RRP: $10.95
Available at Chemist Warehouse

Nu Skin Dividends® Aftershave Balm
Extend the results of your morning shave with Dividends® Aftershave Balm. This lightweight balm makes facial hair softer, finer and less noticeable so you can skip a shave without people noticing. It also provides traditional benefits: prevents razor bumps, and cools and soothes the skin.
RRP: $43
Available online at

Michael Klim's KLIM Fragrance

Michael Klim's KLIM Fragrance

AQUA BEYOND: DEEP BLUE is an intense and active fragrance designed by Former Olympic Swimmer Michael Klim.

Adventure begins with a deep woody amber and cedar aroma that surges upward to invigorate with a fresh punch of citrus and spices from lime to red ginger.

Mysterious and unpredictable like the ocean, AQUA BEYOND: DEEP BLUE is Michael Klim's second fragrance which represents a man who is bold, sophisticated and ever-changing.

AQUA BEYOND: DEEP BLUE is available exclusively from Chemist Warehouse stores nationally, making it the perfect stocking stuffer for Christmas. RRP: $29.99.

Men Hair Trends

Men Hair Trends

The 5 Most Popular Celebrity Trends For Men in 2019

Esstudio Garage has unveiled their 2019 men's hair predictions. Parramatta's newest barber shop features Head Barber Johnson Viane, who has identified his trend predictions based on the most asked for celebrity cuts. 2019 is all about skin fades, box cuts and the comb over making a comeback.

Johnson Viane, Head Barber at Esstudio Garage says, "The barber shop is operating exactly how I imagined. Men are coming in asking for new hot celebrity haircuts, and the fresh styles are taking off from there. Cutting men's hair has always been a passion of mine and to notice these young men come in inspired by different hair styles is what I like to see."

The 5 most asked for celebrity trends:
Brad Pitt – Skin faded slick back
Will Smith – Skin faded flat top
Sonny Bill Williams – Skin faded box cut
George Clooney – Skin faded pompadour
Israel Folau– Skin faded, line comb over

Esstudio Garage pride themselves on their attention to detail, specialising in men's style cuts and creating the simplest line-ups to more intricate designs. Everyone knows how long it takes to grow a good beard, so Esstudio Garage take great care with beard trims and traditional cutthroat shaves. Just sit, relax and not have to do it yourself.
Esstudio Garage is located at 3 Barrack Lane, Parramatta, with services starting from $30.

Photo by Edgar Chaparro on Unsplash

Ultraceuticals Celebrates Father's Day with Better Skin

Ultraceuticals Celebrates Father's Day with Better Skin

Ultraceuticals Australia celebrates with dads around the country with the release of the ultimate men's gift pack which includes a stylish travel toiletry bag priced at $165 and a value of $187.


Men's skin is usually thicker, with larger pores producing more sebum and often resulting in an oily complexion. Despite increased sebum, the thicker epidermis also requires more hydration and exfoliation as layers of dead skin cells build up, even resulting in areas of dryness. With the Ultra For Men skincare pack it's as easy as 1, 2, 3 to cleanse, treat and protect to keep your skin in the best shape possible with minimal fuss.


Ultraceuticals salon partner, Face of Man Grooming Lounge says: 'Men these days  want to look younger and fresher and have taken the time to educate themselves on the best way to do so. The majority of our clients request face peels because they are here for a result."


It's not surprising that the most common skin concern they treat for men is sun related damage.


What do they find the top 3 skin care mistakes men make?


Not wearing sunscreen on a daily basis. Some men still associate sunscreen with being thick, heavy and greasy on the skin. Ultraceuticals have a great range of sun care that is mattifying and non-greasy.

Not using a lighter, hydrating lotion over a heavier moisturiser if they have oily skin.

Over scrubbing their skin. Men love to use scrubs and harshly too. They understand they need to exfoliate but they can take it to extremes.


This limited-edition pack contains: Ultra Balancing Gel Cleanser 200ml, Even Skintone Serum 30ml, Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF 30+ Mattifying 25ml in a stylish skincare bag. RRP: $165


Available August 1st through key salons, clinics and David Jones stores that stock Ultraceuticals

Panasonic 3-in-1 Body Groomer

Panasonic 3-in-1 Body Groomer

Panasonic 3-in-1 Body Groomer

Panasonic Australia has introduced the new ER-GK60 3-in-1 wet/dry body groomer to help Australian males move manscaping into the home, instead of spending time and money on professional waxing or clipping.


With surveys finding that up to 95 per cent of men are now 'manscaping', the Panasonic GK60 has been designed to address the increasing need for men to quickly, easily and precisely remove, style and trim body hair, including the chest, legs and hard-to-reach body zones.


The innovative Japanese blade technology provides a close body shave to 0.1mm, while the sensitive attachment enables safe cutting without harming or irritating soft skin in sensitive areas. The Panasonic GK60 also reduces hassle with its new i-shaped design, allowing for maximum precision in hair removal, saving men valuable grooming time.


Nicolas Cauzac, Product Marketing Manager for Personal Care, Panasonic Australia, said:

"The male grooming industry in Australia is booming, as men start to pay more attention to their personal appearance. However, our research tells us that over 40 per cent of Australian men believe that even just shaving is a hassle. Many men simply lack the time, money or tools for 'manscaping'. The Panasonic ER-GK60 body groomer allows them to achieve smooth and stylish body grooming at home without the fuss and expense of visiting a salon."


The new male body groomer can be operated wet or dry without shaving foam for quick convenience in the shower. The waterproofing also allows for easy and hygienic maintenance when cleaning the unit.




3-in-1 grooming for body hair everywhere

The GK60 shaves body hair down to a length of 0.1 mm. Unlike using a safety razor, body hairs can be directly and easily removed without the need for shaving foam. When grooming chest and leg hair, users can choose a desired length using the GK60's 3mm and 6mm comb attachments.


Protective blades

The protective blades catch body hair while preventing skin irritation. The fixed blade (bottom blade) guards the skin, helping to prevent the movable blade (upper blade) from touching the skin. It's easy to use and cuts close and smooth.


Designed to reach those tricky areas with ease

The i-shaped design allows the GK60 to be as fine as a precision razor. The slim, ergonomic shape makes it easy to trim hard-to-reach and sensitive areas.


Wet and dry operation means less mess

The GK60 can be used in the shower, allowing hair clippings to be washed straight down the drain. The groomer is waterproof, enabling shower or sink water to flow freely through the unit for easy and hygienic maintenance.


Always charged and ready for action

The GK60 comes with a charging station featuring an indicator lamp. Each charge allows an operating time of 40 minutes – plenty of time to get the job done.


The Panasonic ER-GK60 Body Groomer is available now via selected consumer electronics retailers, priced at $179.95 RRP.

For further information visit:

Gillette Fusion ProShield

Gillette Fusion ProShield

Gillette Fusion ProShield

With guys taking a surprising number of re-strokes during shaving causing irritation, Gillette has launched the new Fusion ProShield razor - with lubrication before and after the blades to shield against irritation.

According to recent studiesi, most guys take about 170 strokes every time they shave, and 120 of them are re-strokes over the same area of the face after the initial strokes have wiped away most of the protective shave gel. Despite all of the advances in blade technology, many guys still experience some irritation, largely due to these re-strokes.

Shaving over the same spot without lubrication can cause skin irritation, redness and bumps that keep guys from looking and feeling their best. Gillette's Fusion ProShield razor is engineered to proactively shield against irritation, with new lubrication before the blades in addition to the Lubrastrip after the blades, while still delivering incredible closeness.

"With the latest razor technology, excessive re-stroking isn't necessary for a close shave, but old habits are hard to break," says Gillette R&D expert Kristina Vanoosthuyze.

"At Gillette, we constantly look for solutions to help improve the shave for guys, and that is why we are introducing Fusion ProShield with lubrication before and after the blades, to help shield from irritation during the shave. We have changed our blade cartridges so guys don't need to change the way they shave."

Product features:
New ProShield Lubrication Bar before the blades, in addition to the Lubrastrip after the blades, shields from irritation.
With all of the features of Gillette's most advanced ProGlide blade cartridges:
Our thinnest, finest blade edges with less tug and pull
Gillette's most advanced blade coating
Blade Stability Bar maintains optimal blade spacing for exceptional comfort
MicroComb to help guide stubble to the blades
Precision Trimmer for accurate edging

On Gillette's FlexBall technology handle:
FlexBall handle with innovative pivot to respond to facial contours for maximum contact

Two varieties available:
Standard (Yellow)
Chill™ with Cooling Technology (Blue)

And, ProShield blade cartridges fit on all Fusion and ProGlide handles.


Top Tips for the Perfect Shave

By Gillette expert and owner of Grand Royal Barbers, Steve Salecich


 According to recent studiesi, most guys take about 170 strokes every time they shave, and 120 of them are restrokes over the same area of the face after the initial strokes have wiped away most of the protective shave gel.

Despite all the advances in blade technology, many guys still experience some irritation, largely due to these restrokes.


Steve Salecich says: "I've been giving guys shaving advice for years and the main problem I see is skin irritation due to men repeatedly shaving the same areas of their skin."

Here are Steve's top tips for the perfect shave:

STEP 1: Prepare the hair

Before shaving, your skin and hair bristles should be prepared! One way you can do this is by washing your face with a cleanser and warm water. Alternatively, you can apply a hot towel to your face for at least three minutes. This will soften the bristle hairs and relax the skin so that there is minimal resistance while shaving. If you're time sensitive, I recommend shaving after a hot shower when the facial hairs have been thoroughly soaked and cleansed.

STEP 2: Old school bristle brush is the way to go

Do it the old school way and use a shaving brush to lather up a good quality shaving cream or gel, applying it generously to your face. The shave brush will help soften the bristle and make it easier to work the shave cream or gel onto your face. Almost any shaving brush will do a good job but there are some types of brushes that are superior to all others. These are usually made of silver tip badger hair.

STEP 3: Lather up

There are all sorts of creams and gels on the market and it all depends on your type of skin. For most men I would recommend using a hydrating shave gel to really soften the facial hair. Not only will this protect your skin, it also improves the glide of your razor for minimum irritation.

STEP 4: Shield while you shave

By now your bristle should be well prepared for a close shave. I recommend using a razor that will shield your skin from irritation and give you maximum hydration - my top pick would be the Gillette Fusion ProShield. It features Gillette's sharpest, finest blades which provide great comfort and closeness plus a lubrication strip before and after the blade to help reduce irritation caused by inevitable re-strokes.

STEP 5: Moisturise to finish

Immediately following your shave, rinse your face with cool water to wash away any leftover shave cream or gel; the cool water will also close your pores. Lastly, moisturise your skin with a good aftershave balm or facial moisturiser. This will soothe your skin and protect it from the elements. A good moisturiser has numerous benefits but mostly it works by duplicating and strengthening the role of your body's own naturally produced sebum and thus protects the skin against excessive moisture loss. This will also help reduce the development of wrinkles and fine lines.

Gillette Fusion ProShield is available from all large supermarkets and pharmacies nationally, RRP $22.49. For additional information on Gillette Fusion ProShield, as well as information on Gillette's full lineup, please visit

Shiseido MEN Hydro Master Gel

Shiseido MEN Hydro Master Gel

Shiseido MEN Hydro Master Gel

Especially for men this Hydro Master Gel improves extremely dry, rough, or oily skin, as well as visible pores.

Get the skin of higher specs. It simultaneously hydrates and remedies complex textural changes of skin that cannot be solved by moisturizing ingredients alone.

The signature calming fragrance alleviates mental stress.

Rehydrating / Oil Control / Smooth / Total Focus

Available August, 2016

Braun Series 3 Shaver

Braun Series 3 Shaver

Braun Series 3 Shaver

For men across Australia who want to master their daily routine with agility and speed, the wait is over. Braun's new Series 3 has been built with a newly-designed and innovative cutting system to significantly reduce shave time*, without compromising on performance.

The secret behind a new era of speed is Braun's new Series 3 features the newly-designed and innovative MicroComb Technology: a comb-like structure that guides the beard hairs into the cutting element of the shaver. Skin irritation is less likely to occur, due to the reduced shave time*. The new Braun Series 3 gives men more time* in their day to do what they enjoy in life.

The Braun Series 3 range combines fluid and functional design with innovative, high-quality and superior performance. It easily fits into the dynamic and creative man's fast-paced life with eye catching colours, a new slim-line look and ergonomic technology for a strong grip.

Expertly designed triple-action MicroAdaptation Technology ensures that the shaver-head components are flexible enough to independently adapt to all facial contours and hair types. Two short-hair SensoFoil™ Technology cutting systems work harmoniously with the MicroComb, developed with optimal, ergonomically placed hexagonal holes to achieve a premium shave. Perfect for tackling a three-day beard shave, the optimised design permits a thorough shave of stubborn, thick and hard-to-reach hair without irritating or cutting skin.


The Braun Series 3 is available from the Shaver Shop, Harvey Norman, Myer and David Jones and priced from $149 RRP. For more information on the Braun portfolio, please visit Braun at


Givenchy Gentlemen Only Paris

Givenchy Gentlemen Only Paris

Givenchy Gentlemen Only Paris

A burst of pure freshness embraced by raw sensuality for an elegant urban Eau De Toilette Fraîche.

FRESHNESS: The purity of Nepal Mint* basking in the natural glow of Lemon Tree Petitgrain, for an authentic citrusy freshness.
FRENCH TOUCH : A charismatic sophistication reveals itself at the heart of the Eau De Toilette Fraîche, through the radiant, aromatic notes of Sage.
SENSUALITY: The raw and noble elegance of Haiti Vetyver* infused in an overdose of Ambroxan, for an unsettling sensuality that percolates through the fragrance.

On Counter at Myer and David Jones Stores.

Jimmy Choo Man

Jimmy Choo Man

Jimmy Choo Man

Free from the constraints of formality, the Jimmy Choo man pays attention to details but keeps a signature design in his modern style.
The Jimmy Choo man has a natural and alluring masculinity.

Jimmy Choo MAN introduces a new edition of his fragrance in a special masculine size of 200ml.

On Counter at Myer Stores.


Burberry Mr Burberry

Burberry Mr Burberry

Burberry Mr Burberry

Inspired by Burberry's iconic black trench coat and London.

The Mr. Burberry fragrance captures the essence of London, a city of great contrasts and contradictions – traditional yet irreverent, elegant without being pristine. A sensual herbal woody eau de toilette, Mr. Burberry fuses classic scents of British perfumery with unexpected ingredients.

Contemporary, sophisticated and sensual, the fragrance opens with notes of crisp zesty grapefruit, cut with a seductive base of earthy vetiver and smokey guaiac wood.

On Counter at Myer and David Jones Stores

Schick Men Clear Gel Shave Prep

Schick Men Clear Gel Shave Prep

Schick Men Clear Gel Shave Prep

Have you ever struggled to create that perfectly sculptured look when pruning your beard or shaving but too much foam got in the way? Well now there is a solution with the new Clear Gel Shave Prep from Schick Men that goes on invisible to give a crystal clear view of every single hair that makes grooming a cinch.


Unlike traditional gels and foams, this transparent formula stays clear so you can see the hair you're shaving. The non-foaming gel softens and lifts facial hair to get in close to groom and shape your look. It also contains healthy skin nutrients and helps moisturise the hair and reduce the irritation that shaving typically causes.


If you're going with the clean-shaven look then the Clear Shave Gel and Schick Hydro razors work best. Otherwise if you want a designer beard go for the Hydro 5 razor that has an adjustable beard trimmer on one end. Hair specialist and Schick's shaving expert, Geoff Mahanay offers the following tips:


The round face:

When shaping the beard for a round face go a bit longer at the chin to add length and make the face appear less round. Avoid bushy sideburns and keep the sides of the beard short. Otherwise a goatee is a great option for a round face.

The long face:
Unlike the round face the long face requires a beard which is fuller at the sides and shorter at the chin. The aim is to add width to the sides and make the face appear less long.

The square face:
Similar to shaping a beard for a round face, the beard for a square face should be shorter at the sides and longer at the chin to add length to the face. Once again, a goatee is also a good option for men with a square face.

The larger face:
If the face is large then any small facial hair or beard will appear out of proportion and make the face appear bigger. In this case it's best to keep the beard fuller and the moustache larger.

The Small Face:
Small faces require small facial hair. Larger, fuller styles will make the face get lost and appear out of proportion. Also follow the rules above for the appropriate face shape.

Schick Hydro Range

Schick's Hydro 5 4-in-1 Groomer, with 5 Ultra Glide Blades to control friction, is the ideal choice for achieving the needs of each and every facial style possible. In addition to the flip trimmer razor, the Hydro 5 Groomer also features an adjustable built-in trimmer on the other end of the razor to provide clean lines.
Price: $21.99


Schick's Hydro Sensitive Shave Gel has an 'anti-irritation" formula with ingredients that prepare your skin for a close, comfortable shave. Aloe and beard-softening emollients form a hydrating layer to help protect your skin
from redness and irritation.
Price: $5.99


Schick's Hydro Moisturizing Shave Gel uses vitamins E and pro-B5 in its fastacting formula to help prepare your skin for a smooth shave and its moisturizers ensure your skin is taken care of.
Price: $5.99


Schick's Hydro 5 Power Select combines its 5 blades with an advanced hydrating gel reservoir to maximize moisture and lubrication. Its innovative skin guard reduces irritation while its flip trimmer and ergonomically designed handle allows you to comfortably get those hard-to-reach spots.
Price: $14.99

Schick Clear Gel Shave Prep RRP $7.99 sold exclusively at Coles

Star Wars x Schick

Star Wars x Schick

Star Wars x Schick

To celebrate the anticipated release of the new epic film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Schick Men has launched four limited edition Star Wars Schick razor stands inspired by the galactic empire.   

Featuring characters from both the light and dark sides, customers will be able to 'choose their side' with suction cup holders and razor stands featuring Kylo Ren, the faceless Storm Trooper and the much loved R2-D2 and C-3PO.


The Schick razors with limited edition Star Wars razor holders are a must-have for any die-hard Star Wars fan or anyone who wants to get a shave that's out of this world!   The limited edition gift boxes make the perfect Christmas gift idea and include a Schick razor, Schick Hydro shaving gel to help prevent shaving irritation and a Star Wars themed suction cup holder.


Schick Men's limited edition packs with free Star Wars razor stands are available with the Hydro 3, Hydro 5, Hydro 5 Power Select and Hydro 5 Groomer razors.  The formidable Kylo Ren comes with Schick's Hydro 3 which features patented blade and skin guards and a built-in gel reservoir that releases water activated gel to hydrate your skin throughout each shave.


Schick's Hydro 5 razor with its water-activated hydrating gel* with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera that helps protect the skin from irritation.  The Hydro 5 features the faceless enforcer of the new order, Storm Trooper. While Schick's Hydro 5 Power Select that provides power, precision and hydration* in one comes with the popular C-3PO razor stand.


The technically advanced Schick Hydro 5 4-in-1 Groomer is the only 4 in 1 tool that shaves, edges, trims and hydrates throughout each shave.  The Groomer comes with an R2-D2 razor stand that further enhances the 'inter-galaxy' shaving experience.


The Limited edition Star Wars Schick Razors are available now for a limited time only and retail for: Hydro 3 Gift Box RRP $12.99 , Hydro 5 Gift Box RRP $14.99, Schick Hydro 3 RRP $9.99, Schick Hydro 5 RRP $11.99, Schick Power Select RRP $14.99 and Schick 5 4-in-1 Groomer RRP $21.99.

LAB SERIES Skincare for Men FUTURE RESCUE Repair Serum

LAB SERIES Skincare for Men FUTURE RESCUE Repair Serum

LAB SERIES Skincare for Men FUTURE RESCUE Repair Serum

The future. Dream it. Shape it. Embrace it. Rescue it.

In the Lab of Life, progress is paramount, and no one knows that more than LAB SERIES Skincare for Men. The brand continues to up the ante on skincare, formulating game-changing concentrates to transform and enhance the appearance of a man's skin.

Introducing FUTURE RESCUE Repair Serum, the most advanced product ever produced by LAB SERIES. Now men around the world can grab hold of their todays and of their tomorrows. The future is here and it is handsome.

FUTURE RESCUE Repair Serum is an ultra-potent treatment that helps repair the look of skin. Touting 21 patents worldwide, this ultra-wet formula absorbs rapidly, helping to promote skin's natural repair process. Skin receives an antioxidant defense that envelops the epidermal layer to help preserve its appearance, which is perfect for today's urban man. Instantly skin is enriched with light moisture and a healthy look, while after four weeks the serum helps repair the look of skin from the effects of chronological aging and environmental damage.


LAB SERIES Skincare for Men FUTURE RESCUE Repair Serum 50ml retails for $95 and is available at selected Myer and David Jones, Sephora and selected pharmacies.

PC4Men by Paula's Choice

PC4Men by Paula's Choice

PC4Men by Paula's Choice

Gone are the days when a bar of soap was a man's only grooming product. The millennial man cares about his hairstyle, shaving routine, and skin care as much as his suit and tie"and they don't like seeing signs of aging any more than women do.

PC4MEN offers good-forâskin ingredients that are beneficial for all skin types. Each fragranceâfree formula won't cause redness, bumps or dry, flaky skin.

When used in the morning and evening, PC4MEN is a simple yet complete routine that gives every man's skin just what it needs to feel fresh, clean, and ready to face the world with confidence.


The newest addition to the Collection, packaged in a convenient, messâfree tube, this fragranceâand flavor-free balm easily slips into your pocket for application onâtheâgo.
SPF 50
No added taste or scent
Non shiny formula
RRP $16

This gel cleanser works hard to get rid of dirt and grime without making skin feel tight. Excess oil doesn't stand a chance as this cleanser leaves skin perfectly prepped for the next step in your daily routine. Use before or after shaving and on any skin type.
Removes dirt & excess oil
Leaves skin fresh & clean
Softens skin
RRP $26

Innovative, ultra-soothing shave cream protects skin and has a cushiony texture giving an extra close shave. The light, irritantâfree formula rinses easily, leaving skin unbelievably smooth and calm.
Provides a close, smooth shave
Protects skin from razor burn and irritation
Rich cream rinses easily
RRP $17

With a lightâas-water texture, Soothe + Smooth reduces the appearance of red bumps, razor burn, clogged pores, breakouts, fine lines and uneven skin tone. The fast-penetrating formula instantly smooth's skin's appearance while also unclogging pores to reduce blackheads and whiteheads all without causing dryness.
Reduces red bumps & irritation
Unclogs pores
Repairs signs of aging
RRP $38

This daytime lotion offers hydrating, anti-aging benefits for all skin types. Its light, shineâfree "you won't feel it" finish is the perfect final step before heading out the door. Formulated for all skin types, even breakout-prone and sensitive skin.

Feels weightless

Leaves a shine-free finish

Protects against signs of aging
RRP $31

This unique moisturising complex is proven to make skin look younger, smoother and healthier helping skin build and preserve skin's support structure (collagen) overnight. Supplying powerful hydration, Nighttime Repair makes a visible difference in lines, wrinkles and brown spots.
Non-greasy formula strengthens skin
Repairs multiple signs of aging
Smooth's rough, dry skin
RRP $38

The PC4MEN Collection by Paula's Choice is available now via

Clinique for Men Sonic System Deep Cleansing Brush and Charcoal Face Wash

Clinique for Men Sonic System Deep Cleansing Brush and Charcoal Face Wash

Clinique for Men Sonic System Deep Cleansing Brush and Charcoal Face Wash


Meet the perfect partners for men's easiest and deepest cleansing yet. Introducing NEW Clinique for Men Charcoal Face Wash and NEW Clinique for Men Sonic System Deep Cleansing Brush, the must-have power tools for mens skin.


The Dirt and Oil Eliminator

The first step to maintaining healthy and clear skin is cleansing. Fueled by the purifying powers of bamboo charcoal, Clinique for Men Charcoal Face Wash removes dirt, debris and surface oil for tired, stressed and congested skin with these effective ingredients below:

Charcoal: derived from bamboo, this is infused with detoxifying properties to deeply cleanse without
harshly drying or irritating skin

Glycerin: attracts water to the skin to restore suppleness while also forming a barrier against future
moisture loss to refuel and revitalize skin

Caffeine: an anti-irritant that helps to nourish and sooth skin irritation from razor burns and nicks

Problem Areas, Solved

For an even deeper yet still comfortable clean, pair NEW Clinique for Men Charcoal Face Wash with our new and ingenious NEW Clinique for Men Sonic System Deep Cleansing Brush; its specially designed bristles deliver even better cleansing results than hand washing and for a closer, comfortable and less irritating shave.


How it Works:

The oval-shaped brush head was specifically designed to deliver targeted cleansing in the hard-to-reach, contoured areas of the face including around the nose, hairline and chin.

Charcoal-infused bristles draw out debris to help keep skin clear.

Two strengths of the end-rounded bristles give a gentle, custom cleansing experience:
The firm, darker charcoal bristles are angled to easily navigate the contours of a man's face to unclog pores for a clean, close shave.
The lighter charcoal bristles are softer and less firm, making it gentler on more delicate areas of the face, like the cheeks which have fewer oil glands.


How to Create the Ultimate Teamwork

Apply a coin-sized amount of Clinique for Men Charcoal Face Wash to dampened brush head and press start.

Gently cleanse the cheeks with soft, lighter grey bristles and tilt the brush head to use the darker charcoal bristles in an up and down motion to clean the oilier t-zone.

There is no need to apply pressure; let the brush gently glide over skin like gliding a computer mouse over a
mouse pad.

Use once daily for 30 seconds at night and work up to twice a day.

Follow with the appropriate Clinique for Men Exfoliating Tonic and any Clinique for Men moisturizer along with
additional recommended Clinique treatment products depending on skin type or skin concern.


NEW Clinique for Men Charcoal Face Wash and Clinique for Men Sonic System Deep Cleansing Brush is available at Clinique counters nationwide and at
RRP: $35 and $135 respectively
Allergy Tested. 100% Fragrance Free

All Men Love Lush

All Men Love Lush

All Men Love Lush

Two exciting new products just for the guys!

Kalamazoo Beard and face wash
$18.95 for 250g
Keep things bright and bushy with this creamy wash for furry faces. Fresh pineapple juice is full of enzymes to cleanse the skin and zap away dirt, whilst almond oil, jojoba oil and cupuaçu butter will leave your beard soft and strokeable. Simply scoop some out of the pot and massage onto your beard and face, rinse off and pat dry.

Veerapan Moustache wax
Soften a little between your fingertips, then work evenly through your moustache for shape and definition. Packed with beneficial waxes and oils, including castor oil, candelillia wax, Japan wax, rose wax, and two types of sandalwood oil - your -tash will be slick, styled and conditioned. Featuring one of our new Volume 3 Gorilla perfumes, Smugglers Soul, this is also a great way to condition and perfume the tips of your hair.


Dirty: A layering concept for men: Designed For Men and Leaves Girls Wanting It… and Probably Borrowing It!


'The average bloke uses a handful of things every morning when he gets up … he cleans his teeth, has a shave, showers, deodorises and styles his hair. Normally all of these products will have a different scent. However, this concept means the Dirty man can brush his teeth with mint, shower in invigorating spearmint and seasalt, shave with soothing lavender, style his hair with candellia wax and coconut oil and deodorise with antibacterial thyme. Once he's used all these individual products with their individual fragrances, the combined scent will be that of Dirty … he can then finish off with a spritz of the Dirty cologne to top it all off." Simon Constantine, chief Gorilla Perfumer at Lush.

Main notes: Spearmint or fresh mint, tarragon, thyme, oak moss, lavender, sandalwood, neroli.


Dirty is for men who care about their appearance but can't be bothered with too much paraphernalia in the mornings. It takes the idea of layering to a whole new level – the complete fragrance is broken down to its individual components, each of which is a beautiful perfume in its entirety and, as such, is used in each product in the range. So once all the products have been applied during a morning grooming routine all the necessary bits will have been combined to make the actual fragrance.

Schwarzkopf Professional's [3D]MEN Range

Schwarzkopf Professional's [3D]MEN Range

Schwarzkopf Professional's [3D]MEN Range

´╗┐Men's styling comes down to three things: quick solutions, easy use, and effective performance. Schwarzkopf Professional's new [3D]MEN range meets this demand and then some, offering the perfect products for styling and hair care any man could ask for.

Newly launched in an sleek black design, the latest [3D]MEN range consists of four care and three styling products. The care selection focuses on three fundamental benefits: activating the roots, refreshing the scalp and strengthening the hair. It also caters for all hair types, so whether you're dandruff or oil prone, rest assured the range of shampoos and serums have you covered.

For those who want to take things a step further, make the [3D]MEN styling range your go-to. The wax, texture clay and gel are big on results, ticking off the key styling dimensions of hold, texture and definition.

100% engineered for men and powered by scientifically proven active ingredients, Schwarzkopf Professional's [3D]MEN is the ultimate toolkit for modern male grooming.

RRP: $22.95
Stockists: 1800 251 887

Nivea Men Stress Protect Clinical Strength Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

Nivea Men Stress Protect Clinical Strength Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

Nivea Men Stress Protect Clinical Strength Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

NIVEA and NIVEA MEN Stress Protect Clinical Strength protects from heavy wetness and odour and provides protection against both thermal sweating (from heat and physical exertion) as well as stress sweating from heightened emotionally stressful situations.


RRP: $14.75

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