Adam Horner

Adam Horner
Horror Films CovenEscape: Puzzle of Fear and The Last Exorcist get release dates.
(Los Angeles) --Though our future is still very uncertain with Co-Vid, and 2020 has had many unexpected turns, this summer brings something to look forward to, compliments of prolific Actor/Producer Adam Horner.
Horror fans will be very excited to learn that, later this summer, THREE new horror titles will be released! Coven (Lizze Gordon, Terri Ivens, Adam Horner), Escape: Puzzle of Fear (Omar Gooding Jr., Nicholas Turturro) and The Last Exorcist (Danny Trejo, Terri Ivens, Rachele Brooke Smith, Adam Horner) are all scheduled for release this year! Horner, with credits including music videos for Rappers Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross and Mike Shinodo, as well as commercials for brands such as LG, Samsung, Kia, and Hyundai is either in front of or behind the camera"sometimes both! In this case Horner, who has previously starred opposite Oscar Nominated actors, stars in Coven and The Last Exorcist, and produces all three.
"Music Videos are super fun. I've worked with people like Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, infamous social media star Logan Paul, and many of the world's biggest international stars. When you work with legends, you have to pinch yourself," said Horner. "I've worked with exotic animals a lot. Tigers, giraffes, seriously, in someone's back yard, and cheetahs, just to name a few, and have shot in some of the most insane mansions you have ever seen. Producing music videos is a lot of fun."
Coven, being released worldwide in August, is about a coven of witches who raise an ancient goddess, Ashura. With the Coven unable to tame her power, Ashura takes over the body of Ronnie (Jennifer Cipolla) and kidnaps love interest James (Adam Horner) in order to lure Sophie (Lizze Gordon) and finish the Coven once and for all.
Escape: Puzzle of Fear, releasing worldwide in September, follows a group of unexpected victims through an Escape Room style maze that is not quite what it seems.
The Last Exorcist, releasing worldwide in October, follows Jo (Rachele Brooke Smith), a young woman who has a sister, Maddie (Teri Ivens), who becomes possessed by the Devil (Adam Horner). Because of the devil's power, there are no practicing exorcists left on earth. In order to save her sister, Jo trains to become an exorcist with Marco (Danny Trejo).
Horner reflects on the challenges of simultaneously acting and producing a film, "It's really tough when you're producing and acting. There's a lot going on on a film set, and having to forget what's going on around you when you're shooting a scene isn't easy. Sometimes you're literally giving direction in between takes. I've had my radio clipped under my wardrobe at times."
The release of these titles comes just months after the release of two other titles that Horner also produced, The Demonologist and Angels Fallen.
"It's been a strange year," said Horner, "I was very lucky that my time before Co-Vid hit was extremely busy so the time off has actually been welcomed. But now, hopefully we're now coming out on the other side and I'm very excited to get back to work." 
Horner is continuing to develop and produce films, with many upcoming projects to look forward to. "We have a few very exciting projects lined up. One is a feature film I will be producing with A-list actors towards the end of 2020 when things open back up again. That slots in around a season of a TV show, that I actually created. I'm very excited about that one, it's the first time I've created a TV show. That one will also shoot before the end of the year, as well as a family drama that I've had in my library and wanted to get off the ground for a while."
Horner specifically looks forward to the upcoming release of Smokers, a feature film now in the works that he produces and stars in. That film will be co-produced with superstar Louis Mandylor (My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Friends). "I was lucky enough to produce the film that took us from the US, to Australia, then to Bucharest Romania, and finished up in Zurich, Switzerland. Louis Mandylor directed and plays my father and his real-life brother, and famed actor Costas Mandylor (Saw) also stars. It's an amazing cast and the movie is action packed," says Horner. After this feature film, Horner looks forward to finishing a television show he created, Lakeview Point.

Keep your eye out for Horner's upcoming titles and to keep up to date with any news, follow him on Instagram @adamhorner_


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