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Win a Alchemic Facial Protocol Pack

Thanks to Sonia Orts Botanical Alchemy here is your chance to win a Alchemic Facial Protocol full-size pack valued at $279 containing:
50ml Earth Powdered Floral Cleanser,
50ml Fire Purifying Radiance Mask,
50ml Water Aqua Serum Eilxir,
50ml Air Whipped Hydrating Cream.

The ancients believed that the world was composed of four basic elements: earth, fire, water and air. These elements were considered critical energy forces that sustained and manifested life.

Collectively, all four elements are integral parts of the physical universe. As a creation of and within the material realm, the human body is believed to be governed by these energies; striving for physical and psychological equilibrium.

The quintessence of the alchemist is often described in old texts as the fifth element; not because it was considered an element as such, but rather an extensional force that could respect, channel and harmonise the energies of earth, fire, water and air.

The Alchemic Facial Protocol has been carefully crafted to support, activate and improve the body's natural rhythm. Representing nature's four governing elements, each product in the range is designed to balance skin and centre the mind.


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