Jersey Shore Season 3 DVDs

Jersey Shore Season 3 DVDs

Thanks to Paramount here is your chance to win one of 5 x Jersey Shore Season 3 DVDs.

After the drama of Miami in Season 2 (The Situation nearly burning the house down, Ronnie's on again off again creeping, Angelina getting it on with Vinny as well as Snooki'sSmush and thendisappearing into the wild blue yonder, and, of course, THAT anonymous letter), well, the gang are headed back to the Guido heartland for the third season of the MTV's smash hit series -Jersey Shore.

It seems like the break has not cooled the gang off at all. Deena "Blast in a glass" Cortese, a long-time friend of Snooki's, and the replacement for the now permanently departed Angelina, doesn't take long to make an impression - if making an impression includes a strip tease for The Situation and starting a brawl. Ronnie and Sammimay not be going out any more (sort of)but they are stillupsetting their housemates by missing out on "family dinner". It is a big deal apparently.

Season 3 also bares witness to Ronnie's excessive drinking, Snooki's arrest, Sammi making up with the girls, J-Woww's ex-boyfriend, Sammi leaving, Sammi coming back, The Situation stirring the pot... you know what, just buy the DVD and you'll see.

Jersey Shore Season 3 includes all 13 episodes of the original season plus the end of season reunion special, a host of special features including extended scenes, featurettes, confessionals and a bonus episode -the pilot of the UK spin off series Geordie Shore.

Special Features:
Disc 1: After Hours-Free Snooki
Disc 2: After Hours - Cabs Are Here!
Disc 3: After Hours - A Cheesy Situation
Disc 4: Reunion Special / Photo Shoot / Extended Scenes / Hook Ups / Confessionals / Bonus Episode - Geordie Shore Pilot

Jersey Shore Season 3
Rated: MA 15+
Available to own on DVD March 1st
RRP $39.99
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