Richard Hammonds BLAST LAB KABOOM dvds

Richard Hammonds BLAST LAB KABOOM dvds

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Over 2 hours of high octane science action!

Richard Hammond's Blast Lab is one science show that is totally dynamite!

An entertaining and anarchic studio-based science game show set in the surreal world of Richard's secret laboratory, found under the watermill of his fictitious country mansion.

Two teams of three contestants compete with each other over four rounds. They must answer true or false science questions, perform scientific experiments using ordinary household objects, predict the outcomes of jaw-dropping stunts and battle to win prizes in a furiously messy final game. The losing team must then blow up their prizes in an exploding bidet.

Nothing is ever quite as it seems in this exciting, surreal and action-packed show.

KABOOM! features episodes 7-12 from the first series and includes a look at catapults and levers, flinging eggs in the name of science, using the Bernoulli principle to make beach balls fly adapting a car to be powered by wind, launching rockets using straws, bottles and a foot pump, and investigating inertia.

Richard Hammonds BLAST LAB KABOOM!
RRP: $19.95
As Seen on ABC3
Available on dvd 3rd June