Bling Slap Watch Packs

Bling Slap Watch Packs

Thanks to Slap™ Watches here is your chance to win one of 3 x Multi SLAP™ Watch packs valued at $89.95 each, Bling Style.


Global sensation - The SLAP™ Watch hits Australia

It's fair to say that most trends from the Nineties have not aged well: Hyper-coloured t-shirts, Reebok Pumps, scrunchies, Vanilla Ice and the Macarena may be best left in the past, but one Nineties fashion fad that has been welcomed back with gusto is the humble slap band - remember the funky, flexible bracelet that could be secured by 'slapping' it against your forearm?

Fast-forward two decades and the slap band has been resurrected in the form of the SLAP™ Watch. Combining slap band technology with chic, modern styling, the SLAP™ Watch has become a huge hit across Europe and the USA for its addictively fun slap-factor, vibrant, interchangeable neon colours and wallet-friendly price tag. Launching in Australia just in time for Christmas, the SLAP™ watch is set to become the must-have fashion accessory for 2012.

Available in nine bold colours, each SLAP™ Watch comes with a removable face that can be interchanged with different bands to create a look to suit any outfit or mood. By mixing and matching, 81 watch personalities are possible. If that's not enough, you can step up your fashion statement with a SLAP™ Watch from the Bling, Prints or Wild ranges featuring animal prints and diamante detailing.

Starting at just $34.95, SLAP™ Watches are an affordable, zeitgeist-y accessory for both men and women. And thanks to SLAP™ Watch's one-size-fits-all style, there's no guessing when it comes to gift-giving. Junior Tick SLAP™ Watches are also available for kids, just in time for Christmas.

Far from just a novelty, SLAP™ Watches, which are also splash-proof, are ideal for daily wear. The product's silicon design, which doesn't absorb moisture and create sweat, also makes the SLAP™ Watch a great exercising companion. But the coolest thing about the SLAP™ Watch is simply that - it's cool, having earned street cred from the likes of talk-show queen Ellen DeGeneres, who recently featured the SLAP™ Watch on her hit show.

Of course, behind every great new product is an inferior imitation, but SLAP™ Watch is the real deal. Remember - if it doesn't say SLAP™, it's not a SLAP™ Watch.

Slap™ Watches
prices starting at $34.95 for the SLAP™ Watch and $15.95 for inter-changeable bands.

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