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Win Smiggle Jewellery Packs

Thanks to Smiggle here is your chance to win one of 3 x Smiggle Jewellery Packs valued at $65.70, each including:
Smile Pom Poms Headband RRR: $6.95,
Smile Pom Pom Hair Ties Pack x 4 RRP: $12.95,
Smile Shine Rainbow Necklace RRP: $7.95,
Smile Delights Bracelet Pack x 4 RRP: $9.95,
Smile Bubbles Ring Pack x 3 RRP: $14.95 and
Smile Leesh Earring Pack x 3 RRP: $12.95.

Smiggle is launching jewellery! The crew that transformed the world of stationery is set to transform your jewellery, your hair and everything you can wear!

When it launched back in 2003, Smiggle added a smile and a giggle to what was an otherwise boring ol' back to school booklist shop. Now they're doing it again, with a signature range of Smile with Smiggle jewellery and accessories, so you really can wear a smile every day!

The new Smile with Smiggle collection includes bracelets and earrings, necklaces, hair accessories and things! There are more than 150 jewellery goodies to choose from in the launch collection, all with that special bit of Smiggle fun and sparkle.

Smiggle is at the forefront of what's fun and cool for kids, thanks to an inhouse design team that helps set colour and style trends rather than following them. And we'll see the same dedication to their new jewellery collection, with theme and colour driven fun that will add Smiggle style to arms and ears, necks and hair.

This season Smile with Smiggle is championing the Unicorn, Rainbows, Friendship and Love. If you're a fan of one or the other, you'll be able to select and collect from across the range, a ring here, a bracelet there, topped off with a headband and finished with an earring! You can rock your favourite designs almost from head to toe!


For more on the smiggle range visit:



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