Yantra Mat Mother's Day Pack

Yantra Mat Mother's Day Pack

Thanks to Yantra Mat here is your chance to win one of 3 x Yantra Mat Mother's Day Packs including:

- the traditional Yantra Mat
- a travel kit with special pillow and
- exclusive slippers


Looking for a special gift for mum this Mother's Day? Something that will help her relax, unwind and enjoy a good night's sleep? Why not buy her the Yantra Mat, a non-invasive, portable and affordable acupressure mat which aids instant overnight improvements for stress, sleep deprivation, muscle tension and much more.

The perfect pick-me-up for any mum feeling a little stressed and in need of a moment away from it all, the Yantra Mat adopts the ancient Chinese healing method of the 'bed of nails' to provide immediate and noticeable results. The mat's rows of raised flowers are specially designed to stimulate 8,820 acupressure contact points on your back, which when lain on with equal pressure, helps release endorphins and oxytocins - our body's natural pain relieving feel-good hormones and all the good stuff to help promote relaxation and restful sleep.

Healthy living advocate and Australian beauty Erika Heynatz is a long term sufferer of insomnia and she uses the Yantra Mat for twenty minutes each day before bed to ensure a restful and uninterrupted sleep.

"It's so important to maintain a healthy sleeping pattern and manage pain effectively to stay at your best. I'm a huge supporter of doing it the natural way, with products like the Yantra Mat," Erika says. "I suffer from insomnia and muscle tension, and for that I always use the Yantra Mat - it's natural and portable - I can take it and use it almost anywhere while I'm travelling. For women and Mum's with a busy, hectic schedule, who find it hard to get any time to relax for themselves, the Yantra Mat is the perfect way to unwind and ensure a good night's sleep.

The Yantra Mat is currently available for a special $15 Mother's Day saving at $69.95, in a choice of purple or green. Also available is the Yantra Travel Kit ($49.95) and Yantra Slippers ($64.95). All can be purchased from specialist online retailer www.OO.com.au or www.yantramat.com.au.