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Benefits of pet ownership Purina Petcare Pet Food

With Purina expert and Talk to the Animals vet Dr. Chris Brown

"You can't help but be a more rounded and caring individual from owning a pet. What they give back during their all-too-short lifespan far outweighs any cost or effort that we ever have to dish out."

Pets' need for exercise becomes something we can't help but take on board. Every day we walk, run, swim and play with our pets. We think that we're doing our dog a good turn by letting them exercise and without knowing it, we are doing as much exercise as they are and end up feeling great!

From a simple pat right through to a run around the block, contact with animals can't help but keep us healthy.

There is no friendship that is more dependable than that with a pet. Any time of day, they will be there. If you are up for it they will play or simply be there to listen. And unlike us, they are seemingly always in a good mood.

The sense of responsibility one feels when a little creature relies completely upon them for everything is an important learning curve for many youngsters. Caring for a pet day-to-day teaches the importance of taking on a task and carrying it through.

A pet's lifespan is always too short for anyone's liking. However, in this small package of time, we learn so much about them and even more about life itself. In a handful of years we watch their growth from infancy, maturity, decline and eventual passing. It is often a good way for kids to learn about what the realities in life and how precious it is.

Looking after a pet is a big job. No matter how much you'd like to be there for your little mate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; it's just not possible. That's where the need to work together is so important and looking after a pet can become a family thing to do. A pet can teach families to work as a team.

Having any sort of pet teaches us to have a gentler side. Pets are often extremely vulnerable and fragile when we first get them. It's only through soft, caring hands that they develop into the creatures we love and who love us. Learning how to interact and be comfortable with animals is a skill that can't be taught - it's something we develop through lots of practice.

A certain comfort level around animals is critical. Kids need to know how to approach and behave around animals. Not all of them are friendly like our pets. And it is that initial contact with an unknown animal that is so important. The ability to be at ease, be gentle and not provoke any aggression is crucial. Dog attacks are an awful occurrence, however, many may be avoided by children knowing how to react. The important thing to take on board is that having pets doesn't usually cause dog attacks; instead they help to prevent them.

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