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2Litre Towel

<p><span style="font-size: medium;"><strong>Going back to bathroom basics with the two litre towel </strong></span><br /><br />Sometimes going back to basics is all that's needed and this is the case with the humble towel, which due to modern adaptations, has left many bathers wondering why after towelling off, they're just not dry? <br /><br />Designed by Australia's only remaining cotton mill, Australian Weaving are putting towels back on the Christmas wish list with the introduction of a creative and innovative new brand to an otherwise cluttered, price driven category  introducing, The 2Litre Towel. <br /><br />The new 2Litre Towel is 100 per cent Australian cotton and delivers on exactly what it promises - absorbing up to two litres of water. What's more, it has been designed with the Australian buyer in mind; by respecting local manufacturing and reinforcing that cutting cost on quality just won't deliver the results. <br /><br />According to Sanja Lalic, Marketing Manager Australian Weaving, while towels are a category that warrant little consideration, it's only when it's too late that people wish they'd given their purchase a bit more thought. <br /><br />"Quality towels are not something of high priority for households, until such time that they use one that doesn't do its job! This is too often the case, with many imported towels adding chemical fabric softeners to hide the harsh feeling of their low quality cotton  with these &lsquo;softeners&rsquo; actually repelling water rather than absorbing it. <br /><br />"We have developed the new 2Litre Towel brand to educate people on what they're buying in an innovative way, and simply encourage them to go back to basics when it comes to the purpose of a towel &ndash; absorbency," Lalic said. <br /><br />With imported products and offshore manufacturing becoming an increased threat to Australian Weaving, the Australian manufacturer recently formed a joint venture with M&amp;C Saatchi Melbourne - one of Australia's leading advertising agencies â to create a superior brand which delivers on its promise of absorbency, whilst standing out from competitors for quality, design and innovation. <br /><br />According to David Dahan, Managing Director M&amp;C Saatchi Melbourne, "This is how the concept of The 2Litre Towel was born &ndash; we saw an innovative way to break the category convention by reframing the true benefit of a towel &ndash; and reminding people what they buy them for." Dahan adds, "The brand simply serves as an explanation of a product that is unique in terms of its function and most importantly, delivers on its promise. Something that simple." <br /><br />Designed in a range of vibrant colours, The 2Litre Towel is sure to get consumers' attention, packaged inside an empty 2L soft drink bottle and sold from a fridge display. Retailing exclusively this Christmas through David Jones nationally &ndash; The 2Litre Towel range retails for $34.95. Available both inâstore and online. <br /><br />View The 2 Litre Towel demonstration video here: <a rel="nofollow" href="" target="_blank"></a></p>


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