2010 B.C. Chronicles of Courage

2010 B.C. Chronicles of Courage

What can young readers learn from prehistoric animals?
In his new children's adventure book, 2010 B.C.: Chronicles of Courage, author R.K. Baessler showcases the best of human qualities through the actions of dinosaur-like creatures.

2010 B.C. follows the adventures of Hec, a prehistoric animal who, with the help of his friend Lizzy, discovers personal strength when backed by the guidance of a creator. Children will be inspired by the fantosaurs' courage and creativity in the face of peril and will learn to view resourcefulness as a viable option to conflict resolution.

An adventure story of courage, forgiveness and friendship, 2010 B.C. shows how an individual can soar with God on their side.
"2010 B.C. is more than just a prehistoric fantasy adventure - it's interspersed with morals and life lessons that anyone can read and relate to," says Baessler. "In addition to entertaining, I want readers to come away from this book refreshed in their perspective of positive ways to face life's difficult situations."

Through interactions with humans (called "bald-faced hominids"), main character Hec finds that the scariest of trials can breed the resourcefulness one needs to survive.

Reminiscent of the classic children's dinosaur movie The Land Before Time, Baesslar's 2010 B.C. deals with the process of growing up through a non-human platform.

"Through my book, I hope just one kid of any age will be influenced to solve a problem with intelligence and courage rather than violence and spite," Baessler says.

R.K. Baessler came up with the idea of fantosaurs during story-time with his young grandson. What started out as a one-time tale morphed into an imaginary world that Baessler was urged by family and friends to commit to page. 2010 B.C. is the magical result of his night-time story and is the creation of an entire prehistorical fantasy world, which is mapped out within his book. Baessler's hope is that Hec's chronicle of courage is a story children will love and learn from.

2010 B.C. Chronicles of Courage
Author: R.K. Baessler
ISBN: 9781456741167
Price: $13.99




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