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6 Key Benefits of Pilates You Need To Know

6 Key Benefits of Pilates You Need To Know

Dynamic Pilates is Sydney's newest Pilates studio offering Reformer Pilates and Barre Pilates classes, the perfect workouts to develop long, lean muscles without adding bulk. Reformer and Barre Pilates classes are the hottest trends this summer as they are the fastest, most effective way to achieve your best summer beach body yet!


Gemma Sadler, Owner of Dynamic Pilates shares her 6 key benefits of Pilates exercises and why you should get on board to experience the incredible benefits for yourself!


Pilates can help you improve your body shape. Reformer Pilates is famous for its super challenging full body resistance workout, which lengthens and strengths your entire body.


Pilates is great for stress release. Focusing on your body's movement, muscle activation and postural alinement it will help you release stress and tension. 


Pilates helps you achieve a toned and perky butt! Pilates is a safe, easy and effective way to activate your gluteus muscles to help you achieve a plump butt for the summer! 


Pilates promotes better posture. Pilates exercises are constantly praised by doctors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, and chiropractors because of the technique's ability to develop overall strength and correct posture. A great step to boost your confidence! 


Pilates can assist with pregnancy. It is an excellent way to develop pelvic floor activation and strength as it focuses on the stabilizing muscles around the hips and the womb. It keeps you energized whilst keeping your heart rate at bay.  


Pilates is plenty of fun. After the class, you are left feeling empowered, strong, and confident and it doesn't drain you of energy like running on the treadmill does.



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