A Girl in the World

A Girl in the World

A new series of children's books have been created by author and illustrator, Melanie Lee. Originally designed with preschool children in mind, focus groups highlighted the appeal to girls of all ages, and the little girl within.

'I know what it means to grow up vulnerable and alone, that not speaking about the unspeakable can have a lasting effect on how you view the world and how the world views you" Melanie said

'I wanted to create a safe space to get people taking about the things that really matter, a conversation starter about the way we feel, the need to connect, just being human. As a mum to four children, I know how hard it can be to keep the connections and conversations going, these books are as much a reflection of my family as they are of me."

'A Girl in the World uses simple images that pop off the page and simple text that leaves room for children's own interpretation and discussion with friends and family" Melanie said. A Girl in the World is every girl; a girl in the world is you. She is a little girl struggling to understand her place in the world, she is a teenager on the verge of adulthood, she is a woman juggling work and family, she is an opportunity to start a cross generational and cross cultural conversation and to keep reminding ourselves about what makes us the same, rather than our differences.

Each book is Australian made, with full environmental considerations and certification, so that it may sit in the hands of its readers not having cost the earth. It is also to remind us all that sustainable printing and eco-friendly trade and practices are part of the solution, one that we can be part of every day, based on the decisions that we make.

A percentage from every book sale goes to Orphfund, a lifesaving and life changing organisation that champions children's wellbeing and welfare throughout the world.

A Girl in the World is available for sale at www.agirlintheworld.org
Melanie is available for book readings, Australia wide. For more information or to book Melanie, please visit the website www.agirlintheworld.org


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