A Life Worth Riding

A Life Worth Riding

A Life Worth Riding details Sandi's tumultuous upbringing, the birth of her first child at age 14 and the years of physically and mentally abusive relationships that followed. Written in a down-to-earth and warm style, Sandi reveals how she found the strength within to force herself to become the type of person she knew she could be. This is an inspiring story and one that will appeal to readers of all ages, in the equestrian communiity or not, who are looking for ways to overcome their own internal battles. It is a story for anyone who ever wanted to know how to rise above life's big hits and overcome them. Sandi's message is to live your dream, love your passion and come and see what it is all about. After all you are worth it!

Sandi Simons recounts how she recovered from a life of abuse and trauma to help other women rediscover their self-confidence through working with horses in her hugely popular Confidence Clinics, held all over Australia. She has devised a unique programme for women of all ages, brought about by her own battles with physical trauma and self-doubt.

She understands the courage it takes to rise above and it is her life's passion to help others find that same courage. Sandi believes that everyone has the capacity within themselves to do more and go further than they ever thought possible. Through working with horses, she helps women find the strength they hold within to overcome their perceived limitations and return to empowerment, both with their horses and in their lives. Her aim is for everyone she meets to become a stronger person in their relationships with others and with themselves.

Sandi Simons overcame abuse and victimhood to work with horses and help women of all ages and backgrounds rediscover their self-confidence through riding. She and her husband David are two of Australia's leading horse and rider educators and are well known within equestrian circles in both Australia and America for their training programs. They are the authors of 10 DVDs on riding and related subjects. You can find out more about Sandi's clinics at her website, www.sandisimons.com.au.

A Life Worth Riding
Finch Publishing
Author: Sandi Simons
ISBN: 9780987419637
RRP: $24.99


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