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Amelia Moseley Behind the News Interview

Amelia Replaces Nathan Bazley

Iconic kids news and current affairs show Behind the News (BTN) has named its new presenter, with Amelia Moseley stepping into the role that will instantly make her a familiar face to a million Australian schoolkids.

Moseley, 29, has already worked on the program for four years as a reporter and presenter. She also presents BTN Newsbreak on the ABC ME channel. BTN, which reaches about a million primary school students each week, returned for 2018 this week.

Amelia replaces Nathan Bazley, who stepped down as presenter at the end of the last season after a decade in the role. He remains BTN's Series Producer.

"I'm really honoured to become the face of a program that's been such a big part of the lives of Aussie children for such a long time," Moseley says. "I have so many fond memories of watching BTN when I was a kid and I hope I can fill the big shoes that Nathan has left behind. "One of the things I love most about working at BTN is feeling like I'm helping kids make sense of the world around them by giving them background and showing them different perspectives, so they can form their own opinions and be inspired by new ideas."

Interview with Amelia Moseley, Host of Behind the News

Question: What inspired you to become the new host of Behind the News?

Amelia Moseley: I've worked as a reporter at BTN for several years now and it's such an awesome job. I'm constantly learning new things and being inspired by people doing amazing stuff. Now, as host, I get to connect with a million Australian kids every week, so hopefully I can inspire them to get excited about news too.

Question: How is your role as a host different to a reporter and presenter, for the show?

Amelia Moseley: I get to do fun stuff like this! But seriously, I have the job of publicly representing the program and I get to host the show every week. I still present our daily show, BTN Newsbreak, twice a week and I'm still a reporter, so I still get to write stories.

Question: What do you enjoy most about the Behind the News program?

Amelia Moseley: If you hadn't guessed, I really like writing! That's my favourite part of the job and I love the fact that BTN gives me the opportunity to let loose and be creative. I also really love working with kids. They have such an awesome insight into all sorts of issues and there's no limit to their imaginations.

Question: Did you watch Behind the News as a kid?

Amelia Moseley: I sure did. I remember my teacher wheeling in this big TV on a stand and we'd all gather around to watch. No tablets or laptops for us! We had to answer questions afterwards like lots of kids still do. It was a highlight of my week!

Question: What do you hope to achieve as the new host of Behind the News?

Amelia Moseley: Hmm that's a good question! I just really hope I can be as good as Nathan Bazley! It's a huge responsibility to be the face of a show that's been around for 50 years now and one which is so well loved by so many Aussies.

Question: Did Nathan Bazley give you any advice before you began the role?

Amelia Moseley: Nathan told me to always be myself and to always talk to kids to find out what's worrying them or what they're wondering about. He also told me that every silly thing I do on BTN will be recorded and archived online for years to come! But that's ok.

Question: How do you prepare for filming?

Amelia Moseley: When I first started I'd get the jitters before filming something and I sometimes still do. Being prepared really helps me to relax. We also have really great camera and sound crews, so filming can be lots of fun.

Question: What advice do you have for young women who hope to also become reporters?

Amelia Moseley: I would say the most important thing to remember is to be confident in your abilities and to make sure you are valued and duly rewarded for your achievements.

Question: What's a typical day like, for you, currently?

Amelia Moseley: There's never a typical day at BTN! It can change throughout the week depending which day it is. So one day I'll be writing and researching stories, another day I'll be hosting one of the shows, and other times I'll be out filming with kids or even putting on a costume to film on a set we've created. One thing is constant – it's never dreary!

Interview by Brooke Hunter


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