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Australia Zoo's Animal Stars Paint to Save Wildlife

Australia Zoo's Animal Stars Paint to Save Wildlife


Melbourne-based artist, Mitch Gobel, officially announced his $25,000 donation from art sales to Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors with the assistance of a few of Australia Zoo's wildlife stars!


Mitch will now add the finishing touches on his custom artwork over two days on site at Australia Zoo with the aim of hanging the artwork in the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital by Friday as a token of his generous donation to the charity.


Some precious Australia Zoo residents including Edna the koala and Anthony the sulphur-crested cockatoo helped Mitch out with their painting skills leaving their footprints on the artwork to represent the plight of their cousins in the wild.


Mitch said he was really pleased with how the footprints turned out.


'I was expecting the animals to be ice-skating a bit on the resin surface, but it's turned out really well," he said.


'I'll now go away to add some depth to the artwork with more colours and layers."


Inspired by Steve Irwin's legacy to protect wildlife and wild places, Mitch quit his job in horticulture almost one year ago to pursue a life-long dream creating art that reflects the beauty of the natural world, and save wildlife in the process. His techniques with resin are unlike any other, and as the art world recognises his talent, Mitch's contribution to the conservation efforts of Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors grows.


'Conservation is the driving force behind my artwork, and Steve and Terri are pioneers in saving wildlife and wild places so I'm really proud to be supporting Wildlife Warriors and the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital," said Mitch.


Wildlife Warriors' key conservation project, the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, has treated over 55,000 native Australian wildlife patients in its ten year history. This generous donation from Mitch will go toward the ongoing treatment of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife at the hospital.


Photo credit: Ben Beaden / Australia Zoo


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