Australia's Instagram Utopia?

Australia's Instagram Utopia?

Byron Bay: Australia's Instagram Utopia?

8:00pm ABC TV Plus Sunday 23rd May

Join Compass host Kumi Taguchi, for the final time, as she delves into society's obsession with influencers. Spending time in Byron Bay with six influencers from different backgrounds, Kumi seeks to understand why we want to know so much about the lives of strangers. Is there such a thing as an ethical influencer? And does the Byron Bay Influencer Bubble really exist?

Self-styled parenting gurus Jayde Couldwell and Sophie Pearce represent the epitome of their category of influencer. They curate their motherhood journeys via their Instagram accounts, including their beautifully turned-out partners and children.

Sarah Royall represents another category: the adventurer, offering tantalising glimpses of experiences in exotic destinations and how to protect them. Edgier influencers, like Bundjalung woman and queer activist Ella Noah Bancroft and radical astrologer Angel Phoenix unpack their relationships with online communities and discover how Instagram can amplify the voices of the underrepresented.

Through the stories of these six women, we explore how they shape their own identities and the authenticity of their stories.

Production details: An ABC Production. Producers: Muditha Dias & Jessica Douglas-Henry. Editor: Debra Prince.