Be Brilliant Janine Garner

Be Brilliant Janine Garner

At a time when we're experiencing unprecedented uncertainty and increased stress, best-selling author Janine Garner says we need to slow down and turn our focus inward. Crowded calendars and unending personal and professional demands give us little time to look internally " but it's within where we have the power to unlock our true potential.

In the new book, Be Brilliant: How to lead a life of influence, Garner draws upon decades of experience working with major organisations and individuals to provide a practical guide on how to lead a successful, fulfilling life. She says we already have everything we need to become truly brilliant, even though it doesn't always feel like it. Unpacking the 4 Laws of Brilliance, Garner challenges us to take ownership of who we are and who we want to become, to rise above limitations, and unleash the brilliance within. Readers learn how to:
• discover and own your spotlight
• harness your natural energy
• connect and collaborate with intent
• enhance and magnify your influence

Be Brilliant is an empowering read to help you own who you really are, unlock your potential and unleash your inner brilliance.

Book topics covered
• The 4 laws to live and lead by to access your brilliance
• How to own your spotlight & achieve success
• The key to getting over the imposter syndrome
• Why sponsorship is the key to career success
• How to increase your influence at work and home

About the author:
Sydney-based Janine Garner is an internationally-acclaimed entrepreneur and Fortune 500 mentor, keynote speaker and best-selling author. Janine is passionate about bringing brilliant people together to achieve remarkable results through collaboration, connection and influential leadership. She is also the author of From Me To We: Why Commercial Collaboration Will Future Proof Business, Leaders and Personal Success and the best-selling book, It's Who You Know: How a network of 12 key people can fast-track your success, both published by Wiley.


Be Brilliant
Janine Garner
ISBN: 9780730383765
RRP: $29.95