Belmont Hill: Showdown

Belmont Hill: Showdown

Piper Houston always gets what she wants. Popular, rich and gorgeous, she is the it girl of Belmont Hill. Boys want to date her, girls want to be her. And in her final year of high school, she and her friends will rule the school. But when her father's new wife and her teenage daughter Alex move into the Houston mansion, Piper's perfect world is thrown into chaos. Everything Alex does drives Piper crazy. The car she drives, the music she listens to, the boys that like her.

When both girls are given an amazing opportunity to get involved with the magazine event of the year, watch the claws come out and the fireworks explode over Belmont Hill.

Remy Lacroix spends half the year in Sydney and the other half in Avignon. She has three golden retrievers and lives with her wealthy husband, who is a silver fox.

Belmont Hill: Showdown
Random House Australia
Author: Remy Lacroix
ISBN: 9780857981349
RRP: $15.95


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