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Bianca Cheah Dairy Australia Interview

Bianca Cheah Dairy Australia Interview

If you are intolerant to lactose (the sugar naturally found in cow's milk) they're probably aware of the not-so-pretty side effects of devouring spoonful's of ice cream or indulging in mountains of cheese on a Saturday night. But they should not rush to give up the fromage just yet. Turns out, most lactose-intolerant people can comfortably handle dairy in moderation.

'A diagnosis of lactose intolerance doesn't mean you need to give up on dairy foods forever," Blake Robinson, Nutritionist and Dietitian at Dairy Australia.

Interview with Dairy Australia's Legendairy Ambassador, Bianca Cheah

Question: Can you talk us through how you are re-introducing dairy to your diet?

Bianca Cheah: I've been slowly introducing dairy back into my diet as with anything, if you don't eat it for a while and then all of a sudden reintroduce, then you'll definitely see some negative effects. But, slowly reintroducing means that my body is slowly getting used to what I'm eating. I'm really big on eating everything in moderation as a balanced diet. My skin has actually been the best it ever has and my hair is glowing again.

Question: Why did you decide to re-introduce dairy?

Bianca Cheah: I've reintroduced dairy because of the nutrition benefits. In my fridge you will see lots of parmesan cheese, natural Greek yoghurt, Liddels lactose free milk, butter, and chocolate (shhhhh).

Question: What are the signs and symptoms of lactose-intolerance?

Bianca Cheah: It's normally bloating but quite interestingly I haven't been bloating at all. My skin has actually been the best it ever has and my hair is glowing again.

Question: How does this intolerance effect ice-cream and cheese indulgence?

Bianca Cheah: I can't really advise people as I'm not qualified, but I always say do what is best for your body and not what is trending. If you love your body, it will love you right back. And if you're worried about your diet, maybe go and see a nutritionist and get some expert advice.

Question: How much dairy can lactose-intolerant people handle?

Bianca Cheah: I'm not a nutritionist so can't really comment, but for me I just like to keep my diet simple, trend free and cater for what my body likes. I try to eat vegies, protein, dairy and legumes every day.

Blake Robinson, Nutritionist and Dietitian at Dairy Australia commentary: Understanding your personal lactose threshold is important. Some people may be able to tolerate a glass of milk, while others would prefer to enjoy two smaller amounts across the day.
Yoghurt is lower in lactose and is general well tolerated because its probiotic bacteria help to break down lactose.
Most cheeses are very low in lactose, especially harder varieties which contain virtually zero.
It's also possible to buy low-lactose and lactose-free milks and yoghurts, which have the same nutrients as regular products just without the lactose.

Question: What inspired Sporteluxe?

Bianca Cheah: Embracing a realistic and wholesome approach to my life is what inspired Sporteluxe. I wanted my friends and family to follow what I had been trialling and what was working for me in hope that I could share what I had learnt. And now look where it is. I never imagined that so many people would be inspired by it.

Question: Can you share with a description of your weekly workout routine?

Bianca Cheah: Well at the moment I have a sprained wrist and lower back injury from yoga. Not so cool, but it's been the best wake up call to me. I have super flexi joints which enables me to just flop back into poses without using my muscles to actually get there. So not only has it forced me to go back to the basics again, it's been a big lesson for me. So yup still practicing yoga 4 times per week, but really focussing on core and muscle control.

Question: What would we find in your gym bag?

Bianca Cheah: Hahaha, everything. I take it everywhere with me. Nike Yoga Studio wraps, dry shampoo, spare tights, top and yoga bra. A jumper, face wipes, thongs and hair ties. You know, the usual for a girl.

Question: Do you have a website we can visit?

Bianca Cheah: Maybe try The Dairy Kitchen …… they have some incredible dairy recipes that I've been drooling over or check out A Little Dash on Instagram for some inspo. Also for any expert advice has a great site where anyone can go to get answers.

Interview by Brooke Hunter


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