Chai, The Film That Never Got Made

Chai, The Film That Never Got Made

Louis Lander Deacon and Harry Seagar are two amateur filmmakers and die-hard creatives from opposite sides of the world that both take inspiration from cultures unlike their own. Louis (from the UK) and Harry (from NZ) originally met in Hampi, in India, in 2018 and found themselves connecting through a love of India, and a passion for photography, film and adventure. They planed their return a year later with their sights set on producing a film. 


Aiming to create a film about a set of young individuals that sell Chai to tourists high up on the rocky backdrop of Hampi, Louis and Harry found themselves there, in low season, with no Chai boys around, no tourists in sight and the once-bustling and hectic streets absolutely silent. 


"Chai, The Film That Never Got Made", is a story about persistence, adaptation, and beauty. It shows that sometimes the things that don't go to plan, don't for a reason - to open the mind to bigger, more awakening, more inspirational moments.


"Its been 18 months since I found myself in India and I am stoked to have finally made this film public!. This year has been a tough one for many, and Harry and myself wanted to share our short film with the world now, to transport the viewer to India and take their mind from the present-day troubles. I feel privileged and humbled to be able to share the stories of some of the most beautiful people in Hampi, India" - Louis Lander Deacon 

In additional to scoring a gong from the Top Shorts Film Festival, "Chai, The Film That Never Got Made" was accepted for screening earlier this year at Lift-Off's First-Time Filmmakers Showcase which is a quarterly event which aims to showcase and guide emerging talent from around the world. Held at the world-famous Pinewood Studios in the UK, the day-long event features multiple demonstrations from industry experts, catered to the selected filmmakers, as well as a screening of each selected film.