Charlie's Dream

Charlie's Dream

Charlie is seventeen and in love with Marie, with whom he works part-time at a local nursery.

After a serious accident, only a bank of equipment in the hospital keeps Charlie's physical body alive, but he awakens in a magic valley where he is welcomed by a wizard and an ancient tribe of elves.

His girlfriend Marie goes on a similar journey of self-discovery with the wizard's sister, as they try to make contact with Charlie through the elves that sitll inhabit a hidden forest in Provence.

But Charlie can only straddle both worlds for a limited amount of time, and unless he finds the doorway back to his "normal" life, he will die to both worlds.

Jamie Rowboat was born in Surrey, England in 1962. He was educated at the Salesian college in Farnborought and travelled extensively in Europe before moving to Sydney in the early eighties. He lived there for ten years, working in the production industry. He and his wife Alex have been married for twenty-two years. They currently live in Margaret River in Western Australia with their two children Isabele and Linus, and their dog Alfie.

Charlie's Dream
Author: Jamie Rowboat
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