Chook Chook: Saving the Farm

Chook Chook: Saving the Farm

From talented voice, Wai Chim, comes Chook Chook: Saving the Farm, the final heartwarming tale of hope, kindness and triumph set against the backdrop of China.

It's Chinese New Year and for Mei and her family things are looking grim. It's been another bad harvest and a disappointing year for their farm. And now, the government is building a major freeway that will rip right through their village.

The stakes are high as Mei and her family struggle to save their home and face the harsh realities that come with modern development and urbanisation.

One by one, Mei's neighbours are convinced to sell their land and despite Ma's and stepfather Jin's best efforts to fight, it looks like their farm will be next.

Mei has come a long way since she first found baby chickens Little and Lo and kept them as pets in secret. She is convinced that together they can help save the farm and keep the family together, but how?

As the deadline for bulldozing draws near, villagers young and old will come to realise that it takes a village to save a farm.

Wai was inspired to write her novel after reading many news stories about developments facing Chinese residents today. As she says, -The country is developing rapidly and many traditions and rural villages like Mei's have come under threat. Chook Chook: Saving the Farm raises some of these issues and encourages young audiences to discuss these developments.'

In China, 1,500 villages are currently registered with the National Preservation List of Traditional Villages ensuring their protection for future generations.

Wai also drew on her parents' stories of Chinese New Year to bring the old customs to life, from the community atmosphere of the markets to the proper shape for a New Year's dumpling.

Younger readers will once again delight in Little and Lo's playful antics and rejoice as Mei bravely takes a stand to save her farm.With messages about sustainability, heritage and belonging, Chook Chook: Saving the Farm is a timeless tale for modern kids.

Wai Chim grew up in New York City but has spent the past several years living in sunny Sydney. When she was five years old, she started her first book about a -daddy chicken'; it came to three pages, most of it pictures. It only took her more than twenty years to come up with the rest! When she doesn't have chickens on the brain, Wai writes content for digital marketing channels.

Chook Chook: Saving the Farm
Author: Wai Chim
ISBN: 9780702253164
RRP: $14.95


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