Clara Button and the Magical Hat Day

Clara Button and the Magical Hat Day

Clara Button loves hats! When her brother Ollie destroys her favourite, Mum takes them on a special hat day out. During a visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum, Clara embarks on an exciting journey of discovery. Meanwhile, Ollie is having his own adventures - with swords and tigers!

This is a charming picture book about visiting famous London places. The first children's book published by V&A and starring delightful new characters, Clara & Ollie Button.

Exquisitely designed, this is the perfect gift for creative and fashion-loving little girls - and their mothers and grandmothers!

Amy de la Haye holds a Readership at London College of Fashion and was formerly Curator of 20th Century Fashion at the V&A. She is the author of Lucile (2009) with Valerie Mendes, and Chanel (2011).

Emily Sutton studied illustration at Edinburgh College of Art and the Rhode Island School of Design.

Clara Button and the Magical Hat Day
Author: Amy De La Haye
Illustrator: Emily Sutton
Price: $22.99




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