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Clean Sleeping: The New Wellness Trend

We might be aware clean eating for wellness, but what how much do we about clean sleeping?

Tipped the newest wellness trend, clean eating encourages bleary-eyed Aussies to adopt good sleeping practises from setting the right routine to creating the right ambience.

In light of the launch of Philips Hue Ambiance & Colour Candle & Hue White Ambiance Spot, which is designed to help maintain a natural and consistent sleep rhythm, Scientist and Philips Lighting Research Expert, Luc Schlangen shares his simple tips:

Set a sleep schedule: We are creatures of habit and establishing a regular bedtime routine will help you fall asleep easier and function better the next day.
Make time to unwind: Creating the right ambiance with reduced levels of warmer, sunset-like shades of white light before bedtime, supports the production of the sleep hormone melatonin production, therefore enhancing our sleep quality.
Turn off the tech: Tuck away your mobile phone, computer or tablet, and avoid stress or overstimulation prior to bedtime, as these can disrupt your ability to fall asleep.

Signify Bolsters Philips Hue Range With New Candle And White Ambiance Spot Lights

Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, has announced two new iterations to its Philips Hue range – Hue white & colour ambiance candle (E14) and Hue white ambiance spot (GU10).

Launched to enhance the daily routines, ambiance and overall wellbeing of Australians, both products allow for more control and freedom to personalise their lighting experience in the home.

The Hue white ambiance spot is an extension of the Hue white ambiance range. Designed with wellbeing in mind, the tuneable white light enables users adjust the colour temperature from warm to cool lighting.

The Hue white & colour ambiance candle launches to instantly change the lighting in the home with a spectrum of light colours to help wake up, relax, read, concentrate or energise, improving the overall lifestyles of Australians.

Both products come with the full benefits of Hue and can be controlled in many different ways, including via the Philips Hue app, and through voice control (Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and the Google Assistant). Get automated control with the Philips Hue motion sensor, meaning Australians can control lighting in the home simply with their presence and movement, allowing for a more seamless and intuitive lighting experience.

"The introduction of Hue White and Colour Candle and Hue White Ambiance spot lights mark the next move in creating seamless integration in every room in the home. With smart lighting intelligent enough to improve the overall lifestyles of Australians, these new variants allow more freedom and control over the ambiance in the home," says Sam Dearden, Consumer Channel Marketing Manager ANZ.

Key functionalities include:
Light for wellbeing
– light not only affects how we wake up and fall asleep, but also the way we feel, function and behave
Create the right ambiance – set the right ambiance with pre-programmed light recipes tailored to your daily schedule
Light Recipes – personalise your lighting based on your mood or activity, choosing from four different light recipes: energize, read, concentrate, and relax.
Light for entertainment – transform any space into the perfect entertainment zone using Hue Sync to connect your lights with your music, TV, games or control via your smartphone and paint the walls with light.

To further enhance your Philips Hue experience, you can easily connect your lights to the Philips Hue Bridge. The Philips Hue Bridge is the brains of your smart light ecosystem. It can link up to 50 lights in your home, letting them know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.


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