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Clear Eyes by Murine Wipes

Clear Eyes by Murine Wipes

Refresh gritty, irritated eyes this winter
Tips to keep your eyes healthy during the cooler months

Dry air, cool winds and the winter sun can play havoc with your eyes during the colder months. Harsh weather can make eyes dry and irritated while cold and flu can leave your eyes feeling tender and in need of some TLC.

Murine has launched new single sachet Clear Eyes by Murine Wipes®, ideal to refresh irritated, gritty eyes for busy people on the go. The Clear Eyes by Murine Wipes® are uniquely textured hypoallergenic wipes for effective, gentle cleansing around eyelids, lashes and general eye area and are small enough to slip in your handbag to use on the move.

Here, Murine offers some tips on keeping your eyes healthy this winter.

Keep eyes clear from grit and dirt
If dust or dirt gets into the eye, your eye should increase tear production to flush it out. Allow the eye to water naturally and use a Clear Eyes wipe or wet tissue to blot the overflow.   

Avoid dry eyes
Indoor heaters tend to rid the air of moisture which can dry out and irritate eyes. Use a humidifier in the home during months with low humidity. This helps moisten dry eyes, especially when exposed to forced air heating. If the dryness persists, use drops to relieve the eyes.                        

Wear protective eye wear
We sometimes forget that the sun's rays are still out in winter and with the sun sitting lower in the sky, the winter ultraviolet radiation (UVR) levels are just as dangerous to eyes as in summer. Make sure to wear a good quality pair of sunglasses when out and about to keep your eyes protected.

Use an eye cream
The skin around the eyes is so thin and sensitive and can easily be irritated in winter and often needs some extra attention during the colder months. Use an eye cream that offers extra protection and moisture during winter.

Clear Eyes by Murine Wipes® RRP: $16.95.
Available at pharmacies nationally or call 1800 788 870 for stockists details.
For more information about Clear Eyes by Murine Wipes®, please visit



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