EcardForest $300 Bundle

EcardForest $300 Bundle

Enter for your chance to Win a EcardForest premium greeting card bundle with 50 ecards valued at $300.


Win a Group Greeting Card Bundle


Working from home, keeping long-distance relationships or moving overseas has become quite usual. Occasions like birthdays, virtual farewell parties and online baby showers are still happening though. To help share love and appreciation no matter the distance EcardForest offers online greeting cards created for groups.


Now you can win a premium greeting card bundle with 50 digital group cards at your choice by EcardForest.


Here's what you get:

-        Handmade card designs for birthdays, farewell, baby, wedding, get well, thank you, etc.

-        Sharable greeting card bundle account with 50 cards: give access to friends, colleagues or family members to let them send group greeting cards as well

-        For each ecard:

  • Sharable link for multiple people to sign (unlimited signatures)
  • Unlimited pages for wishes
  • GIFs, fonts, colours, emojis
  • Contribution to tree planting
  • Special view for the greeting card receiver



As easy as that:

-        No registration needed – we use high-security authentication instead to keep your bundle and group ecards private

-        Select an ecard from the catalogue on the website

-        Share it with multiple people to sign

-        When everyone is done signing, send the card to the receiver


Being far away is no longer an excuse for skipping an occasion. Share love no matter the distance and good luck!