Fodbods Buddies Giveaway

Fodbods Buddies Giveaway

Thanks to Fodbods here's your chance to win one of 4 x Fodbods Buddies packs valued at $42.00 each including:

6 x Strawberry Shortcake Buddies

6 x Lamington Buddies


Be kind to your tummy with these delicious snack bars


Roughly one in five Australians suffer unpleasant symptoms of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), including kids and teens who are often more difficult to diagnose and treat. Additionally, around 1 in 20 kids also have food allergies.


If finding easy to digest snacks is quite literally a pain in the gut for you, then you may want to try new yummy snack bars Fodbods Buddies, specifically aimed at school aged kids.


The 30g Fodbods Buddies bars, which are available in two flavours - Lamington and Strawberry Shortcake – are made from 100 per cent natural plant-based ingredients, including tigernut flour, buckwheat kernels, organic buckwheat, organic coconut, vegan chocolate and dried strawberries. 


"There are currently next to no snacks for kids with food sensitivities," said Fodbods' creator Vanessa Hutchinson. "Of the few convenience snack options which claim to be healthy none are actually FODMAP friendly."


"Additionally, many snacks also contain artificial ingredients and huge amounts of sugar often disguised as dates. Buddies have less than 5g of sugar that comes mostly from organic rice malt syrup. All in all, we've worked hard to create something unique with just the right combination of ingredients to suit every kind of food sensitivity."

Fodbods Buddies retail at $3.65 per 30g bar and are available from health food stores, David Jones, selected IGAS and online at

You can also find @fodbods on Facebook and Instagram.

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