Win Goliath Game Packs

Win Goliath Game Packs

Enter for your chance to Win one of 2 x Goliath Game Packs valued at $124.99 including;

Sequence for Kids, OK Boomer, Tetris Dual & Gator Golf.



Sequence For Kids

Even if they can't read yet, younger children can enjoy playing this great strategy-building game. The Sequence Game for Kids is easy to play yet challenging and exciting. Just play a card from your hand, place a chip on a corresponding game board space and when you have 4 in a row, it's a "sequence" and you win. But there's more. Use a unicorn card to place your chip anywhere or a dragon card to remove your opponent's chip. The game comes with 4 colours of playing chips, playing cards and a folding game board.
2 to 4 players, Aged 3+
RRP: $25.00


OK Boomer

Shuffle both decks separately. Give each team one score sheet from the score pad and one pencil. Old School goes first as Guessers, because let's face it " that's how the world works. The Reader, draws a card from the appropriate deck and reads it aloud to the Guessers. If the card contains a picture, then the Reader must be sure to cover the answer with their hand and then show it to the Guessers. Guessers have 30 seconds to discuss amongst themselves before giving an answer. If they guess correctly, the Guessers earn one point. If they guess incorrectly, nothing happens. The card is discarded and play then passes to the opposite team. The first team to reach ten points wins!
2 – 8 Players, Aged 14+
Available at all leading retailers
RRP: $25.00


Tetris Dual

Tetris Dual is a fast head-to-head, tabletop strategy game based upon Tetris – one of the most popular electronic games of all time. The object of the game is to create the Tetrimino shapes displayed on the LCD screen, by dropping them into the play grid. Score points by placing a piece next to one of your own colour, but you can complete more points by completing a full row. Don't leave any holes or you will lose points! Use some strategy to block your opponent, making it easier to play your remaining Tetriminos and complete the most rows. Two games available: GAME 1. Speed – Only 60 seconds to complete each turn! Lose points if the timer runs out. Game 2. COUNTDOWN – With a running countdown, score bonus points if you complete the game with the most time remaining.
For 2 Players, Aged 6+
Available at all leading retailers
RRP: $49.99


Gator Golf

A hole-in-one is a lot more fun with Gator Golf! Grab your golf club, and aim to feed this hungry little Gator. Sink your putt to score, but watch out – he'll flick your ball with his tail for more putting action. The first player to score 3 points wins! Active game helps develop large motor skills and gets kids moving. Keep score with the birds on the Gator's back!
For 2-4 players, ages 3 and up.
Batteries not required.
Game Contents: 1 Gator 4 Gator Golf Balls (Blue, green, yellow, orange) 1 Flamingo Golf Club
Available at all leading retailers
RRP: $ 25.00

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