Grin Natural Packs

Grin Natural Packs

Enter for your chance to Win one of 3 x Grin Natural Packs valued at $57.96 each including;

Grin Adults BioDegradable Flossers: $9.99
Grin Natural mint foss: $8.99
Grin Natural Toothpaste Set: $25.99
Grin Bio Toothbrush Twin: $12.99


Kids Are Dragging Mum and Dad to the Bathroom as Grin Leads the Way With a Global Oral Hygiene Revolution


"Best toothbrush I have ever used, perfect texture, size and shaped bristles, good handle shape. Easily reached back to clean my wisdom teeth which is super important." Mikey C.êêêêê

"My kids love this toothpaste! So nice knowing there is nothing nasty going in their mouths and they still get fluoride for healthy teeth!" Harriet S. êêêêê 


"I absolutely love your products so much when I was gifted a set that I bought a set for my partner who also loves them! I also bought a set for my brother and my mother too who also really loves the brushes." Destiny E. êêêêê


"My two-year-old is convinced it tastes like marshmallows!!" Emily P. êêêêê


Introducing Grin. A game changer for oral health care now launched and available online in Australia. Grin is all about what they leave in, what they leave out and how that leaves your mouth. Converts to Grin oral health care products are raving about this young kiwi brand leading the oral health hygiene revolution! Kids are leading the way as 'brush time' becomes fun family time and the war cry of 'brush your teeth' fades into a thing of the past. The company was founded in 2013 as a result of a gap in the market for safe and effective oral health products for all the family and in particular kids.


"As a soon to be new mum, I wanted to create oral care products that I can trust!" Said Tara Tan, Founder & Director, Grin Natural. "However, I quickly realised this gave me an opportunity to not just provide safe and effective products (the foundation for any brand), but most importantly to grow a community jointly with parents who share the same value - helping our kids grinning and our planet to be a happier place!"


The Grin story goes a little further than how you brush your teeth and what with. It's bringing family together, creating healthy practices and in turn creating a healthier world we live in. For many families brushing your teeth or starting the journey of oral health care can be stressful and it's imperative to develop healthy habits young. Brushing your teeth as a family can start as soon as babies are teething and Grin has the perfect silicone finger brush. Little kids are unable to spit properly until the age of 4 which makes it even more important to brush as a family. Minutes become bonding family moments with a fun board game and book to read an added bonus. Brushing your teeth has never been a better time to get the family together. Plus – this is something that should happen twice a day equaling twice as much family fun!


Aussie mums are going to fall in love with these beautiful, safe, fun to use products made in New Zealand. With ingredients including manuka oil, propolis, organic sea salt and natural xylitol. Grin leaves it up to you with regards to fluoride with options with and without. Grin are passionate about better oral health and all products are made with natural ingredients that are free from nasties. Grin are already breaking ground in the USA after launching in Asia and New Zealand with record sales. The brand has been voted the "Best Natural Beauty Product and Sustainable Brand Champion" through a recent public choice awards by over 410,000 people. Grin products contain no Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, artificial colours, flavours or fragrances, propylene glycol, artificial preservatives, sweeteners or saccharin and no hydrogen peroxide. It's only goodness that goes into each and every Grin product that will have the family flossing for joy.


The environment loves Grin with the brand lowering the carbon footprint for itself and its loyal customers! The average toothbrush takes over 400 years to break down while a Grin toothbrush takes just 3 months in a good home or commercial compost! The biodegradable handles are made from either bamboo or corn starch while the charcoal infused bristles are available in soft, crushing the theory 'the harder the bristle the cleaner the teeth'. The antiseptic properties of the charcoal help reduce bacteria build-up on your toothbrush making for an even happier smile. Kids will be reminding mum and dad to floss around the bathroom with the biodegradable dental flossers that come in both picks and waxed dental floss. Add to this bio-degradable packaging and the news just keeps on getting better.


There's no monkey business with this brand either. They are proudly the only oral health care brand to be certified worldwide by the Orangutan Alliance. This vegan friendly brand has already saved over 2.5M toothbrushes from landfill, keeping our endangered species alive by lowering the carbon footprint and creating a better world for our children to live in. Happy families choose Grin oral care for happy kids and a happy, healthy life. Grin is available online at and has a range of products for all the family including toothpaste, toothbrushes, dental flossers, floss picks and silicone finger brushes for the smallest member of your family. More information available


"We are really excited to launch Grin in Australia and bring some fun to the oral health category and some much needed help for parents to create a healthier oral hygiene routine for their families. We want people to feel good about the choices they are making for their families and the planet and are committed to having a positive impact on our Australian community." Said Doug Sadler, Country Manager Australia.