Win a Selphy Square QX10

Win a Selphy Square QX10

Win a Selphy Square QX10 and create instant photos valued at $241.00.


The Selphy Square QX10 produces beautifully bright and clear square photo prints, picking up smooth gradations, reproducing colours faithfully and expressing black tones well. The 1:1 square shaped photo paper also has an option to peel the back for a sticky surface


The palm-sized instant printer for the Mum who loves scrapbooking and photo walls


For the scrapbooking mums: Selphy SQUARE QX10 


Create memories that will last a with the Canon Selphy Square QX10 this Mother's Day. Producing clear, high quality prints, Mum will be amazed by how quick and easy the Selphy Square is to connect and operate. Thanks to the simple peel-and-stick photo paper option, creating photo books, scrapbooks, or wall dressings, takes no time at all! Rechargeable and ultra-portable, the Selphy Square prints directly from your smartphone via Wi-Fi or via a unique the QR code on the printer itself. 

Key specs:

  • Available in four colours including black, white, green and pink
  • Produces beautifully bright and clear square photo prints
  • A special film overcoat finish on the surface of the photos repels water and prevents ink from bleeding. If water is accidentally spilled, just wipe it off
  • The addition of an overcoat finish enables an album storage lifespan of up to 100 Years – perfect for keeping memories intact


Selphy SQUARE QX10

RRP: $241.00