Thriving On Plants Vol 2 Books

Thriving On Plants Vol 2 Books

Enter for your chance to Win one of 5 x Cherie Tu's new book Thriving On Plants Volume 2.



Over 75 delicious plant- based recipes

Ideal for those interested in exploring the world of vegan food

Sweet and savoury easy-to-make recipes all created without animal products

Cherie Tu has made it her mission to help inspire others through cooking.

Whether you're looking to incorporate more veggies in your diet or simply curious about plant-based foods, Thriving on Plants Volume 2 allows you to learn, create and have fun in the kitchen.

Building on the success of her first cookbook, Cherie has created more than 75 new recipes for breakfasts, on-the-go lunches, epic salads, comforting soups and pasta dishes.

Cherie has also included her favourite Asian recipes throughout the book such as bibimbap, Chinese cucumber salad, tofu "egg" fried rice, stir-fry hokkien noodles, veggie dumplings, to name just a few.

And if you've got a sweet tooth, you'll love her 'veganised' apple pie, baked cheesecake and easy cinnamon scrolls as well as a host of other favourite treats. She also shares her tips and tricks around the kitchen, from organising your fridge, making lists and meal plans, to meal prep and using leftovers.

So, whether you're already vegan and looking for more recipe inspiration or simply trying to transition toward a plant-based diet, Thriving On Plants Vol 2 shows you how easy it is to enjoy plenty of hearty and delicious dishes without feeling like you're missing out.

Author Cherie Tu is based in Sydney and grew up enjoying a combination of Chinese and Vietnamese cuisines due to her parents influence and developed a huge passion for cooking from a young age. She started her vegan journey on social media, reaching out to the online community for support, encouragement and food inspiration. She has since become a part of that community, sharing her plant-based recipes and experiences and making a positive impact on her audience. She has over 370K+ followers on Instagram. Coupled with her other love of fitness and strength training, Cherie believes balance is the key to a sustainable healthy lifestyle.


Thriving on Plants Vol 2

Author: Cherie Tu

RRP $34.99

Available Dec 1, 2020



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