Courtney Stodden Reality Interview

Courtney Stodden Reality Interview

Courtney Stodden Reality Interview

Courtney Alexis Stodden was born on August 29th, 1994, in Tacoma, Washington. At the age of fifteen, Courtney was crowned Miss Ocean Shores, Wa. Teen USA in Donald Trump's Miss USA Organisation. The young model's passion for music led to her composing and recording several original homegrown songs/videos. One of which – 'Don't Put It On Me Girl" - has garnered over 5 million YouTube views to date.

Since moving to Los Angeles in May 2011, the eighteen year old has captivated the attention of Hollywood [and international media at large] with her extraordinary beauty, daring personality, and fearless persistence for always 'being herself". Courtney's meteoric celebrity has garnered the young rising star a number of accolades including VH-1's 'Top 40 Winningest Winners of 2011" [Courtney listing #12], Fox411's 'Breakout Web Celeb of 2011," and The Huffington Post's 'Biggest Celebrity Story of 2011."

Thus far, Courtney's recorded a brand new song entitled Reality , in the process of producing the accompanied music vid, starred in and made a splash in the VH1 reality show, Couples Therapy, modelling for various projects including AIDS Fight organisation Be-the-Link, a celebrity spokesperson for animal rights group PETA, starring in episodes on the internet comedic sensation Funny or Die, and in the process of creating her own franchise featuring apparel, shoes, dolls, perfume, etc.

Interview with Courtney Stodden

Question: When did you start performing?

Courtney Stodden: When I was in the womb! My parents told me that when they watched "Cops" on TV I would kick and move around like crazy in my mom's belly when the theme song came on. They told me that when I was 2 weeks old, I was lying in my crib, while my parents were watching "Cops" and they looked over when "Bad boys, bad boys..." started playing and I was attempting to dance to it! [Laughs]

Question: What propelled you to pursue a career in music?

Courtney Stodden: I've always loved to perform and to be creative. I have found that you can express your artistic passion through writing and making music and videos. I'm also a huge lover of dance. So, when I discovered one can incorporate that within the making of music, I was sold!

Question: What fashion icons do you identify most with?

Courtney Stodden: Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Brigitte Bardot, Lana Turner, Veronica Lake -- the gorgeous pin-ups of the past.

Question: How did it feel to win this year's 'New Hollywood Starlet Award" last week at Weho's Who's Who Awards event?

Courtney Stodden: It was a beautiful honour. I love Weho and everybody who was involved with the event. There is so much love there!

Question: How do you handle dealing with all the press and paparazzi?

Courtney Stodden: To be completely frank, I enjoy every second of it. I'm grateful that people want to take my picture. I look at it as a blessing.

Question: What advice do you have for aspiring starlets like yourself?

Courtney Stodden: I'd tell them to always stay true to who they are and to follow what their heart wants. Have no regrets.

Question: How did you become so chummy with Bobby Trendy?

Courtney Stodden: I met Bobby while we were at a red carpet event and have been close ever since. When he first saw me he was like, "YOU are the reason why I am living! He started yelling, "Courtney puts the 'H' back in Hollywood everybody!" [Laughs] I love him!

Question: What was the most fun you had shooting your 'Reality" music video?

Courtney Stodden: Every scene was such a fun experience in the making of Reality. I teamed up with an amazing director, Michael Serrato. He made everything feel so comfortable for me, even in the sexiest scenes. It was a blast to create!

Question: Where will Courtney Stodden be in five years?

Courtney Stodden: I'm gonna be exactly where God wants me to be and loving every minute of it.

Question: What is your favourite quality in a man or people in general?

Courtney Stodden: I'm rather old fashioned when it comes to making a girl laugh. So, I'll have to go with his sense of humour for his best quality. For people, my favourite quality is acceptance and non-judgment.