Why Are Our Breasts Getting Bigger?

Why Are Our Breasts Getting Bigger?
We are getting taller than our ancestors are and bottoms have increased in size. According to researchers, this is related to our increased health and lifestyle as well as to the quality of our diets. But it is not just our frames increasing in height or our bottoms that are increasing in width, it is also our breasts...they are getting bigger and bigger!

Twenty years ago, the largest bra that could be bought was a 34B (12B). Now the sizes 36C and D are the biggest sellers. Spokespeople for some of the top lingerie companies have stated there has definitely been an obvious increase in females breast size, particularly among younger women.

Not a lot is known about breast physiology and how or why breast size increases. But it is known that breast tissue will respond to even the very smallest hormonal fluctuations. As many of us know through experience, once we start to get our monthly period, we experience the enlargement of our breasts. Some females have reported their breasts increase a full cup size or more!

Taking the pill and using Hormone replacement therapy can also play a major role in increasing the breast size of many women. Most experts have agreed that taking the contraceptive pill can account for at least a half a cup size increase. But the use of the pill has not increased, in fact, it may have decreased.

Another possibility discussed has been that maybe the food we are eating is affecting the size of our breasts. Pesticides, dietary additives, fertilisers, plastic wraps and even natural substances found in foods such as rice and tofu called endocrine interrupters, could be the cause for some change in young women's hormone levels.

Others are suggesting that there is actually no change in breast size, it is just that women with larger breasts are not trying to fit into tight fitting, constrictive bras to obtain that certain "look". Also the fact that different kinds of fabrics are now being used to create bras means that breasts look different.

Unfortunately, too many females are still wearing bras that are way too small. A bra that is too small can be very uncomfortable and also very damaging to breast tissue. Bra straps also can end up cutting into the shoulders. In some cases, a "too tight bra" has been linked to irritable bowel syndrome and constipation. Physiotherapists say that a bra does not provide the right kind of support and can result in very bad cases of chronic pain in the neck and back. The muscles have to work harder to support the boobs. This can even cause a headache in some females!

FACT: A bust size of 12B (medium-average breast size) bounces eight centimetres with each step when running.
It is very important when exercising to wear a supportive sports bra.

DON'T: Wear a bra that is necessarily the same as your dress size. Boob size can be different because of the way bras are made compared to the way clothing is made!

If in doubt, see a trained person.

REMEMBER: Breasts do not always stay the same size, so for comfort you may actually want to have different sized bras.

- Michelle Palmer (michelle@girl.com.au)


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