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Dani Butchart Electrolux Home Organisation Interview

Dani Butchart Electrolux Home Organisation Interview

Anyone who enjoys entertaining friends understands the importance of ensuring your home is able to be quickly and stylishly spruced up when guests are about to arrive – no matter how much we plan, there's always that last minute rush to get everything looking immaculate!

But there's an art to organising your space so that more of those final moments can be spent on adding stylish touches rather than clearing out the clutter.

Electrolux has teamed up with creative stylist and designer, Dani Butchart to share expert tips on how to maintain a beautifully organised and clutter free home with a minimum of fuss, with the help of the new Electrolux Ergorapido® Cordless Vacuum.

'It's important to make your home work for your lifestyle and everyone wants to feel proud of their home," said Dani. 'When you're time poor it's easy to let things slip, until all your cleaning tasks build up and you have guests right on your doorstep."

'Entertaining is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, and having reliable products which deliver outstanding results is the key to ensuring you can spend more time doing the things you love, like entertaining, without all the stress. '

'The Electrolux Ergorapido® Cordless Vacuum is one of my favourite household hacks, as I can grab it at any time for a quick run across floors and surfaces alike, keeping my home immaculately clean with a minimum of effort."

With plenty of quick and clever solutions, Dani's home style hacks aim to help house-proud home entertainers keep their home in pristine condition, so that they can spend more time doing what they love. Here she shares her top tips:

Don't let things pile up The secret to maintaining an organised home is to apply small tasks daily. It's much better for your sanity to dedicate 10 minutes a day to tackle different areas of your home, than to spend three hours cleaning on a Saturday when you'd rather be getting ready for your guests.

Tidy as you go I live by this mantra and apply it to everything – cooking, getting ready to go out, entertaining, or helping the kids with their school project!

Clean in 15 Friends or family planning to -drop by' unexpectedly? Get your home entertainment-ready in 15 minutes by doing a quick whip around with the Electrolux Ergorapido® cordless vacuum. It's 2 in 1 functionality means you can alternate with the removable hand unit to switch between the floor and crumb ridden surfaces. Removing dust, pet hair and dirt couldn't be easier.

Style it up To instantly declutter your home, invest in some stylish baskets, vessels and pots where you can store your keys, loose change, remote controls, newspapers or shoes.

Seasonal clear outs Don't leave your spring clean until spring! Plan regular clear outs at the beginning of each season and you'll be surprised at how quickly you can fill a garbage bag with pieces you no longer need, whether it be old Tupperware or magazines. Then pack seasonal items away in a suitcase and store to reduce everyday clutter.

Bye bye pet hair While your cat or dog may be your furry best friend, you certainly don't want your home to scream 'I own a pet!" Keeping a stylish cordless vacuum at arm's reach means you can clean easily and ensure your home isn't overrun with pet hair and mess.

With its sleek and compact aesthetic, the Electrolux Ergorapido® is designed to be on show in the home, making it convenient and accessible for busy lifestyles.

Boasting a long-life lithium battery with up to 45 minutes of cleaning time, 2-in- 1 functionality and 33% more power when compared to the previous generation, the new Ergorapido® offers an instant clean with enhanced suction power and performance.

The signature 180° EasySteer™ and swivel nozzle allows for smooth turning and movement on any kind of floors - from carpet to wooden floorboards, tiles and beyond - whilst the patented BrushRollClean™ technology lets you untangle hair and fiber from the brush with the simple push of a peddle.

Interview with Dani Butchart

Question: Which of the Electrolux range is your favourite?

Dani Butchart: The Electrolux Ergorapido® Cordless Vacuum is certainly the product I get most use and satisfaction. It's so easy to use and never feels like a burden to grab from the cupboard.

Question: How do you incorporate the Electrolux Ergorapido into your cleaning routine?

Dani Butchart: Since its inception into the household, the Electrolux Ergorapido® is used daily to battle everyday dust and dirt. It takes just 10 minutes to quickly vacuum our apartment and alleviates the pressure of doing a bigger clean.

Question: What can we do daily, to keep our home clutter free?

Dani Butchart: I would encourage you to not treat every room as a dumping ground for the daily clutter. I try and use my dining table or spare room as a designated zone to manage bags, shoes, clutter and the incoming and outgoing items we bring in and out of the house. This will ensure the rest of the house is looking organised and clean. I also utilise oversized baskets as storage solutions to store items that we may not use frequently, but require on hand such as blankets, magazines, remotes etc.

Question: How can we revamp our office to include clever storage solutions?

Dani Butchart: If you're not afraid to get to IKEA then I would highly recommend investing in their simple and very easy storage solutions. Their box storage solutions are excellent in an office space as you can catagorise documents or projects and tuck into a shelving unit. Currently, there are some beautiful desk accessories that will that will not only keep your desk clutter free but will help to improve your productivity.

Question: What are your top five home style hacks?

Dani Butchart: 1. Using the Electrolux Ergorapido® Cordless Vacuum cordless frequently to manage everyday mess and eliminate larger weekly cleans
2. Having designated baskets or storage boxes in high traffic and living zones, will enable a quick clean-up if guests knock on the door
3. Having small vignettes of decor styled in key areas such as dining, entry, entertainment unit. If you need to declutter swiftly you can rely on these styled zones to lift the space
4. Adding plants or botanicals to your environment.
5. Attempt to do a seasonal spring clean to remove the items you no longer use.

Question: How can we maintain pet-friendly homes?

Dani Butchart: Having a pet that sheds hair can impact everyone in the house. The Ergorapido® Cordless Vacuum has BrushRollClean™ technology that lets you untangle pet hair and fiber from the brush with the simple push of a peddle. It's best to ensure that you're not limiting your pet clean to only the floor. Look at ways that you can use the vacuum to clean your lounge and upholstery – to drastically improve the eradication of pet hair.

Question: And, can you share your tips for cleaning a house in 15 minutes?

Dani Butchart: YES! Focus on the areas where you live in the most - priotising these zones will improve your cleaning time. Don't focus on the detail and tackle large surface areas. Wipe all surfaces, utilise baskets or the spare room to refine the clutter and finish with a quick cordless vacuum.

Interview by Brooke Hunter


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