Deeper Than The Sea

Deeper Than The Sea

Beth had known there were secrets folded inside Theo. But she didn't know they were secrets about her.

It's always been just Beth and her mother Theo. Until Beth is sixteen years old, and a stranger arrives in their small coastal town - a stranger with a claim that rips apart all Beth knows.

And what do you do when everything you thought you knew about yourself is based on a lie?

In a deeply affecting story that challenges our notions of maternal love, Nelika McDonald examines the myriad ways that love is forged and tempered over years and how fiercely it is defended.

Nelika McDonald was born in Brisbane in 1983. Her first novel, The Vale Girl, was published in 2013. Nelika spent her twenties studying, travelling and working in various occupations. She has been a media reader, a museum staff member and a sales assistant in a pet shop, a jewellery shop, a clothes shop and a tea shop. She has lived in London and Melbourne and thoroughly enjoyed both, but eventually returned to Brisbane, where she currently lives and writes.

Deeper Than The Sea
Macmillan Australia
Author: Nelika McDonald
ISBN: 9781743533208
RRP: $29.99



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