Don't Kiss Girls and other silly stories

Don't Kiss Girls and other silly stories

Rule 1: Spell the person's name right
Dear Ashlee/Ashlea/Ashleigh
(Please cross out the wrong ones.)

Tony Ross is an ordinary 13-year-old boy with big dreams: he wants to prove he's as good as his best mate Kane and he wants to kiss Ashleigh Simpkin – the love of his life. But dreams don't always go the way we see them in our head. Tony finds this out when he ends up dead.

As he looks back over his life, Tony realises that somehow, no matter what he does – from trying to win a game of cricket, to getting revenge on his siblings, to making money – he always manages to get into trouble … Thankfully, he usually gets out of it again. Until the best night of his life, which ends up being his last.

Complete with illustrated lists such as -funniest things teachers have yelled at me' and -my favourite excuses for forgetting my homework', Tony's stories are filled with great characters and larger-than-life escapades. You'll laugh, you'll cry, but mostly you'll be amazed at the crazy stunts that Tony pulls to win a cricket match and capture a girl's heart.

For Pat Flynn, writing his 19th book meant throwing away the writing -rule book' entirely. -There are no life lessons and the good guy doesn't always win. But that's what made it so fun to write, and hopefully fun to read as well.' Like Pat's previous books, Don't Kiss Girls and other silly stories is slap-yourknee, wet-your-pants hilarious. It will be enjoyed by 9+ year-old boys and girls and anyone who feels like they never really grew up.

Pat Flynn grew up running around an old dairy farm in Queensland before moving to the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra on a tennis scholarship. After playing and coaching on the professional circuit he became a teacher, where his observations of young people – their interests and stories – led to him writing a series about a teenage skateboarder called Alex Jackson.

Pat now writes full-time and lives on the Sunshine Coast. To The Light was shortlisted for the 2006 CBCA Book Awards, and The Tuckshop Kid received an Honour Book prize in the 2007 Awards.

Pat likes to start the day with a surf and end it swimming in the Currimundi Lake with his wife and two kids. He also enjoys the occasional game of tennis.

Don't Kiss Girls and other silly stories
Author: Pat Flynn
ISBN: 9780702253300
RRP: $16.95


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