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Dulux Colour Trends for Winter 2016

Dulux Colour Trends for Winter 2016

Inspired by the lure of unexplored worlds, interiors will take on a darker transformation with an emphasis on 70s sci-fi style this winter. Intense blues, moody purples as well as warm mauves with space-age metallic highlights will feature in the Colour Trends for Winter 2016, according to Dulux.

Dulux's winter palette, derived from the Infinite Worlds theme from the 2016 Dulux Colour Trends, 'Design Age", gives prominence to a growing focus on space research, advances in science and technology as well as futuristic design.

Taking its cues from deep oceans and infinite galaxies, these darker winter colours juxtaposed with luxurious shimmering accents evoke visions of glowing sea creatures and celestial objects such as planets, moons and exploding stars.

Dulux Colour Expert, Andrea Lucena-Orr, says the key colours of winter including Dulux Odyssey, Plush, Extinct and Metallics, Jupiter Jazz and Thebe Touch, create a unique look and feel when the darker hues are paired with striking metallics, which add interest and light.

'We have seen a shift towards darker colours being used in the home over the past few years. Darker hues are increasingly being featured as inspiration in magazines, Instagram and blogs as well as retail stores, as they add a particular mood and a sense of drama," says Andrea.

The intense and moody offering of hues this winter will add sophistication to interiors and a touch of retro glamour when combined with warm metallic highlights. Incorporate retro inspired pieces and round shapes inspired by planetary spheres to complete the Infinite Worlds look.

'Moving towards winter, we tend to spend more time in the home so it is important to make your relaxing space as inviting as possible. Add luxurious, textured materials along with rich faux furs and beautiful knits to add to the winter look and create a space that is cocoon-like, perfect for feeling warm and protected during those colder months," says Andrea.

For a mini winter makeover, use small applications of the Dulux Colour Trends for winter 2016 coupled with a new rug or cushions.

'To incorporate the winter look on a smaller scale, try painting canvases in the winter colours to hang against neutral backdrops and accessorise with metallics and darker, dramatic colours with smaller highlights in bright accents," says Andrea.

Dulux's winter predictions are the product of research into global design, colour and finishes inspired by trade shows, fashion, technology, media and trend information.

Andrea's top tips for homeowners using colour this winter are: 'Don't feel afraid to use darker colours in the home. Darker colours can create an ambience that can't be achieved with lighter hues. You can add vibrant accessories against the darker backdrop if you feel it needs a little more brightness.


Deep colours are especially ideal in living rooms with a home cinema, as darker backdrops make the viewing experience more dramatic and colours may appear to look stronger on screen. A bedroom is also a great space for darker colours as it is a room predominantly used at night, adding beautiful lighting and light bedlinen may help to balance the space."

For more colour or painting advice, view the Dulux -how to projects' online .



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