Earth Healing

Healing The Earth To Heal Ourselves

After spending more than a decade practising and educating others on the power of giving back to mother nature, author, speaker, earth healer and environmental consultant, Dr Mahdi Mason, launches her second book, Earth Healing: healing the earth to heal ourselves.

Earth Healing is a spiritual guide on connecting with the earth and in return, connecting with yourself. The core pillars of the book focus on understanding earth healing, living a sustainable life, embracing the feminine and healing the earth both physically and metaphysically.

What sets Earth Healing apart from other wellness books is Mahdi's refreshing approach on the simple and practical ways you can give back to the environment both physically and metaphysically. The book encourages readers to take notes from our Indigenous ancestors and to start living in harmony with mother earth and recognising the need to regenerate the earth and explore one's relationship with the land on a deeper level.

Mahdi's experience as a sustainability manager, environmental scientist, earth healing practitioner, shamanic practitioner and yogini, has afforded her an in-depth understanding of both corporate environments and alternative healing practices. This contributes to her unique ability to communicate openly and effectively with people from all walks of life.

'Many people don't realise how they can make a difference and after all, if you are one person in a world of billions rife with destruction and pollution, how could you as an individual believe you have any effect?" says Mason. 'I wanted to show people that this is untrue and having a positive effect on the environment is attainable. Earth Healing shows you how to do just that."

Earth Healing is a beginners guide to earth and self healing. The book takes a holistic approach to living your best life with gratitude and a deeper understanding of mother nature.

Dr Mahdi Mason is an international author, earth healer and environmental consultant. In 2016, she made her debut as an author and released the influential self-empowerment book, The Power of You: how to positively influence people, places and the world. Mahdi holds a Bachelor's Degree in environmental science (majoring in ecology), a Masters and a Doctorate in Business Administration (environmental management), a Graduate Certificate in Animal Assisted Therapy and more than 12 years' environmental management experience. Earth healing is Mahdi's number one focus and stems from the recognition that the planet needs help. As such, Mahdi is a leading voice on the topic and spends most of her time practicing, writing and educating others about earth healing.

Earth Healing
Author: Dr Mahdi Mason
RRP: $24.95



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