Easy Luxury

Easy Luxury

"A foolproof guide to making the best of your home and it's pure Darren. He tells it like it is. The advice is as practical and down to earth as it is encourageing" - Neale Whitaker.

Inspired by the words of Coco Chanel, "Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury" Darren Palmer's Easy Luxury is compulsory reading for the aspiring homemaker and interior desinger. Bringing together his expertise as a judge on Channel Nine's The Block and as a regular contributor to many leading design magazines, Darren has created a smart, stylish guide to creating a comfortable and beautiful home without breaking the bank.

Lavishly illustrated with photographs of Darren's own interior design projects, ranging from apartments to larger family homes, Easy Luxury provides key styling ideas regardless of budget, lifestyle or location to make the most out of your home. Whether you are creating a new home, renovating a property, or simply redecorating, Easy Luxury provides expert design tips and solutions for preparing spaces that encompass a luxe, designer aesthetic while still emboyding comfort.

As Darren says "I'm opening up my treasure chest and sharing its bounty, which will expand your ideas of design." So if you have a bland symphony of beige, the worst house on the street, or a dark and dingy dungeon, help is at hand. Darren will lead you down the orad to recovery.

Darren Palmer is a designer, writer and speaker know for his stylish and classic interior designs, he is an established and well-regarded member of the Australian design community. He runs his own interior design studio and has contributed to magazines such as Belle, GQ Australia, Luxury Home Design, Renovate, Real Living and Grand Designs Australia. Darren appears as a judge on Channel Nine's successful television franchise The Block.

Easy Luxury
Murdoch Books
Author: Darren Palmer
ISBN: 9781743361023
RRP: $39.99


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