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Forty Winks Raises The Alarm on Sleep Health

Forty Winks Raises The Alarm on Sleep Health


Forty Winks, Australia's iconic bedroom retail specialist is raising the alarm on the importance of quality sleep as a fundamental pillar of good health, urging Australians to wake up wonderful and make every day count.

In the wake of Sleep Awareness Week (Monday 6 July – Sunday 12 July 2015), findings from a recent survey commissioned by Forty Winks revealed that a third of Australians wake up feeling tired or very tired, highlighting a significant national sleep debt.

Prof David Hillman, Chair, Sleep Health Foundation said: 'Sleep plays a vital role in our health and sense of wellbeing. Regularly getting sufficient, quality sleep will have a big impact on our moods, concentration, immunity, memory and will ultimately result in a stronger performance at work, sport and study.

On average, adults require eight hours each night, teenagers nine hours and primary school children need ten hours."

Download a free Sleep Diary to track and improve your sleep habits during Sleep Awareness Week. Visit


Forty Winks' Top Sleep Tips So You Can Wake Up Wonderful:


Establish a sleep routine and stick to it

Practice a relaxing bedtime ritual - a calming routine activity right before bedtime can help to separate sleep time from activities that can cause excitement, stress or anxiety

Literally switch off and remove distracting devices in the bedroom such as the television, computer and phone


Create a calming sleeping environment in your bedroom

Comfort is key - make sure you're happy with your mattress, bedding and pillows

Forty Winks is a proud supporter of Sleep Health Foundation and a sponsor of Sleep Awareness Week 2015.



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