frank green Lifestyle Collection

frank green Lifestyle Collection

frank green releases new ultimate ceramic reusable cup and bottle in 2019 colours and four lifestyle products to make it easy to live a stylish and eco-conscious life.

The world's favourite ultimate reusable cup and bottle brand, frank green continues its war on waste with an expansion to lifestyle products.

In typical frank green fashion, the new line is impressing fans and shows how easy it is to live sustainably with its unwavering commitment to waste prevention and impeccable design. From office coffee runs to weekly supermarket visits, frank green has a beautifully designed solution to eliminate single-use plastic.

"We researched the top 10 items that go to landfill and are passionately working to create beautifully designed eco-consumer product alternatives," frank green CEO, Benjamin Young said.

new ultimate ceramic, reusable cup, bottle and colour palette
frank green releases its new reusable cup colour palette and adds a revolutionary ceramic flavour-saving inner layer. The end result is triple-walled, vacuum-insulated reusable cups and bottles, keeping beverages at just the right temperature for longer.

frank green's reusable cups and bottles have the benefit of ceramic cups and thermoses with the lightness and durability of stainless steel. They won't break like glass alternatives. Size options include 6oz, 10oz, 16oz, 20oz, and 34oz.

Young says, "The in-cafe experience is now mobile. Ceramic was the next step to create the ultimate experience for customers while caring for the environment."

"The new ultimate ceramic cup offering is perfect for everyone onthe- go who deserve great taste, both in flavour and style. Our new colour range is driven by our customer's personalities and inspired by the latest international design and style trends."

Reusable carry tray powered by featuring contactless payments
Introducing the reusable carry tray featuring contactless payments. frank green carry trays fit almost all drinks' shapes and sizes and are made from recycled Polypropylene material left over from frank green's manufacturing. Similar to frank green's Next Generation range, the carry trays feature contactless payment technology, linking conveniently to the frank green Pay App.

"Our reusable trays eliminate the need for single use plastic and cardboard trays, making your coffee run a breeze while promoting a sustainable culture," Young said.

Ultimate reusable shopping bag / back-pack / tote
frank green's ultimate reusable bags are made from approximately 8 single use plastic bottles recycled into ECORPET® fabric. These reusable drawstring bags are multiuse, changing from a backpack or tote, accommodating hands-free shopping. Comfortably able to carry a daily shop, these bags fit 5 x 1.25 litre bottles or up to 6 kgs. They fold into a convenient zippered pouch with a carabiner feature so it can be securely clipped to keys or bag. Hand wash and line dry for easy cleaning.

reusable stainless steel straw packs
Design-friendly straw packs made from the excess fabric in the manufacturing of frank green's reusable bags. Each pack contains two food-grade stainless steel, straws and one cleaner in a convenient recycled (ECORPET®) fabric zippered pouch. It's available in the same range of contemporary patterns as the reusable bag, so going plastic free has never been so stylish.

straw lids with strap
Perfect for cold drinks, smoothies and iced coffee, the straw lids are designed for ease of use and an active lifestyle. They are leak-proof, convenient to carry, sport an easy sip spout, and feature a removable food-grade stainless steel straw.

"Research shows a growing market for reusable straws and bags. However, we also identified a gap between need and use. So, we designed a lifestyle collection that makes it easy for everyone to live a sustainable life," said Young.

All new products are available at and selected retailers.


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