PK9 Dog Packs

PK9 Dog Packs

Thanks to PK9 Gear here is your chance to Win one of 2 x $150 packs including;

PK9 Gear Flirt Pole and Super Grip Leash



PK9 Gear Flirt Pole

The PK9 Handmade Flirt Pole, a pinnacle of Australian craftsmanship in dog training gear. Each piece, lovingly handmade in Melbourne, showcases the commitment to quality and effectiveness synonymous with PK9 Gear. This Flirt Pole is not just a training tool; it's a durable, versatile, and engaging piece of equipment designed to meet the highest standards of professional dog training.

The PK9 Handmade Flirt Pole is a testament to Australian ingenuity and dedication to canine training excellence. It's more than just a piece of training equipment; it's a multifaceted tool designed to enhance your dog's training experience, ensuring both mental stimulation and physical engagement. Ideal for strengthening the bond between you and your dog, this Flirt Pole is an essential addition to any serious trainer's toolkit.


Super Grip Leash

Super Grip 6ft Dog Training Leash by PK9 Gear

Introducing the PK9 Gear Super Grip 6ft Dog Training Leash, the ultimate tool for dog owners and trainers who demand both quality and functionality in their gear. This high-quality nylon lead, interwoven with woven rubber, offers unparalleled grip and control, making it perfect for training sessions, everyday walks, and competitive sports activities. Designed to excel in both wet and dry conditions, its superior construction ensures a comfortable yet firm hold on your canine companion, regardless of the environment.

Why Choose the PK9 Gear Super Grip 6ft Dog Training Leash?

  • Durability and Strength: Made from premium materials designed to last, this leash stands up to the rigours of daily use while ensuring your dog's safety and security.
  • Comfortable Handling: Despite its strength, the leash is soft to the touch, offering a comfortable grip that reduces hand fatigue during extended use.
  • Versatility for Every Need: Whether you're dealing with a strong, challenging dog or simply seeking a reliable leash for everyday comfort, the Super Grip leash meets a wide range of needs with ease.
  • Trusted by Experts: Endorsed by PK9 Gear's team of professional trainers, this leash is tested and proven in varied conditions, ensuring top performance and reliability.

The PK9 Gear Super Grip 6ft Dog Training Leash is more than just a leash; it's an investment in quality and control, designed to enhance the bond between you and your dog through effective training and enjoyable walks. Make the choice for a superior leash experience today.


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