Step One Womens Boxers or Bikini Briefs

Step One Womens Boxers or Bikini Briefs

Step One have just launched a new women's bamboo viscose bikini brief. It is fully end-to-end FSC certified, providing Step One's commitment to the environment, and Step One didn't release them until 95% of women said it was the most comfortable pair they have ever worn. 

Aside from producing arguably the most comfortable underwear in the world, Step One are:

  • Environmentally Friendly: They just became the first Aussie underwear brand to receive fully end-to-end FSC certification for their bamboo viscose range, proving their commitment to the environment.

  • Say Goodbye To Chafe! Their trucks and boxer briefs include an innovative "Ultra Glide" panel that sits between the thighs to reduce friction, which is great for people who are no stranger to chafing!

  • Does' Not Contribute to Habitat Loss: The founder, Greg Taylor, chose FSC Certified, organically grown bamboo viscose as the key fabric in the underwear due to the fact that bamboo grows faster and use less water than cotton and Step One bamboo does not contribute to natural habitat loss or destruction. Step One is now end-to-end FSC certified too.
  • Anti-Bacterial and Moisture Wicking: As stats showed that 22% of men wear their underwear more than once before washing them, Greg chose Bamboo as it has natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, plus it is breathable.
  • Compostable and Toxin Free Packaging: packaging is 100% certified home compostable and doesn't contain toxins, it's actually made from corn starch! 
  • One of only a handful businesses to launch on the ASX with a sole owner and no outside investment prior to float. The business grew incredibly quickly taking over 6% of the Australian men's market share in just 4 years.
  • 50, 000 positive reviews on Google, 65% of purchases are from repeat buyers because they are just that good!


Step One Bikini Brief $23.00

Step One Womens Boxer $33.00 


Available now at Step One



Step One was founded by Sydney-based entrepreneur Greg Taylor, who set out on a mission to "fix" underwear after a particularly uncomfortable hiking incident that left him chafed! 
Greg couldn't find any underwear suitable to make hiking more comfortable for himself and for those fellow chafers, so he created the ultimate luxe, bamboo viscose underwear with an innovative "Ultra Glide" panel that sits between the thighs to reduce friction. 

His design has been so popular that he has  earned cult-status by selling a pair every 8 seconds across Australia, US and the UK.

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