Win Thermacell Mozzie packs

Win Thermacell Mozzie packs

Win one of 2 x Thermacell packs valued at $129.98 each including;

- E55 Blue Rechargeable Repeller (RRP $84.99)

- Refill (RRP $44.99)


Natural and High-Tech Solutions to Avoid Mozzies this Summer

Prepare now for a mozzie-free spring and summer

Mosquito season unfortunately coincides with our own peak season for outdoor recreation and entertainment. As well as being an annoyance, mosquitoes can transmit serious diseases to humans. Mosquito-borne viruses including Murray Valley encephalitis, Japanese encephalitis, Barmah Forest virus, Kunjin virus, and Ross River virus are found in Australia, with Japanese encephalitis being the only mosquito-borne disease which is vaccine-preventable.


Human cases of Murray Valley encephalitis and Japanese encephalitis were reported in south-eastern Australian states and territories in the 2022/2023 mosquito season. Alarmingly, cases of Japanese encephalitis in Victoria were reported for the first time in 2022 while cases of Murray Valley encephalitis were last reported in 1974[i] , indicating its return to parts of Australia.


Complementing individual precautionary measures against mosquito bites, there are a range of natural and high-tech solutions available to counter uninvited mosquitos ruining an outdoor social event. Citronella-based products provide ambiance and mosquito-repelling functionality for smaller areas, while high-tech solutions provide larger coverage areas and offer the ability to repel or kill mosquitos, perfect for families and friends enjoying outdoor activities.


Zone Defence

The Thermacell EX90 ($79.99) Rechargeable Mosquito Repeller uses Thermacell's Zone Mosquito Repellent technology.  Rugged and portable, EX90, is perfect for camping and outdoor adventures but also suitable for backyard entertaining and picnics. Standing just over 10 cm high, but create a 28m2 zone of advanced protection to stop mosquitoes before they can bite you.


Featuring a 9+ hour battery life respectively, the EX90 can be charged whilst operating to extend their run time, further protecting Australian families during all sorts of outdoor activities this summer. A rubber case provides additional unit protection when using outdoors. Twelve hours of unscented and smoke-free liquid repellent is also included with the Thermacell EX90.


A new take on Citronella

Inspired by natural repellent solutions for protection against mosquitoes, Waxworks products are completely free from harsh chemicals and safe for use around family and friends. Their contemporary designed candles allow you to create a natural barrier around your outdoor entertaining area.


Unveil the perfect harmony of style and function with Waxworks Glazed Circular Design Citronella Candle (RRP $16.00) in elegant white. Crafted to redefine your outdoor moments, this exquisite citronella candle effortlessly combines captivating aesthetics with the power of natural citronella to keep pesky mosquitoes at bay.


Ignite your senses and embark on a journey where elegance meets outdoor comfort. Elevate your evenings with the Waxworks Citronella Diamond Gold Candle (RRP $15), a masterpiece that illuminates your space, deters mosquitoes, and enhances outdoor experiences. Revel in the dance of flickering flames and bask in the mosquito free zone it creates. Your outdoor haven will never be the same again.

Designed with two tiers of refined ceramic glazing, the Waxworks Two-Tiered Ceramic Citronella Candle (RRP $19.99) is a statement piece. Effortlessly complementing any outdoor setting, the soothing terracotta colour adds a touch of sophistication to patios, gardens, or decks. Infused with the natural essence of citronella, this candle imparts a delightful fragrance and acts as a powerful mosquito repellent.


Enhance your outdoor entertaining with Santalum Estate's Citronella with Sandalwood Soy Blend Outdoor Candles (RRP $24.98). Crafted and lovingly hand-poured in Australia, the candles are made with essential citronella oil to naturally repel mosquitoes as well as Australian Sandalwood, a well-known remedy promoting calm and wellbeing. The premium candles feature a stylish design of coloured glass ripples, adding warmth and ambience to your outdoor table.



Waxworks and Santalum Estate items available at Bunnings nationally. The Thermacell range is available at Bunnings, while the Thermacell EX90 is only available at BCF, Anaconda and music . For further information, visit ,, and

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