Uniden Walkie Talkies

Uniden Walkie Talkies

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Uniden Walkie Talkies are the perfect gadget for adventures 


Holidays are a time when parents endeavor to make the most of their child's time off by planning exciting trips away or local adventures together as a family to keep them away from boredom. Entertaining children, without clocking up more screen time hours, is often a constant battle. Now, parents can achieve this with the kid-friendly, vibrant, and rugged UHF45-4 UHF radios by Uniden for outdoor play and adventure.  


The UH45-4 is no ordinary walkie-talkie; it's a power-packed device, available in an array of funky colours, including lime, orange, blue, and purple. One standout feature of the UH45-4 is its Kid-Zone function that lets parents block out unwanted conversations, providing assurance that their children can only communicate with familiar and trusted family members and friends.


To keep the fun going after hours, the UH45-4 also features an inbuilt LED light, which makes it perfect for holiday camping trips, evening games, and other adventurous after-dark endeavours.  


Here are some fun ways the UH45-4 UHF Radios can benefit families these school holidays:  

  1. Uninterrupted communication: whether holidaying in a remote location without a mobile reception or just around the house, these walkie-talkies offer an impressive range of up to three kilometres, ensuring seamless communication.  
  2. Extended usage time: with an operating time of up to 20 hours, easily charged via micro-USB, the UH45-4 will keep up with the kids' energy levels. It's also compatible with rechargeable or standard batteries.  
  3. Compact and rugged: designed for adventure, the compact size and rugged construction of the UH45-4 radios can withstand the toughest Australian and New Zealand conditions. Take them hiking, biking, shopping, or camping – they're resilient little companions for the holidays.  
  4. Fun and educational: it's not all about fun; walkie-talkies can also be educational, teaching children the importance of clear and responsible communication. Plus, the idea of owning and operating their very own device will thrill the kids.  
  5. Peace of mind for parents: the range extender (Duplex) capability provides parents with peace of mind, knowing they can always reach their children even when they're out of sight.  
  6. Fosters imaginative play: watch childrens' creativity unfold as they invent exciting games around their new walkie-talkies. It's an invitation to endless hours of imaginative play. 

Uniden's UH45-4 UHF Radios are a practical solution for staying connected during school holiday adventures. With extended range, robust build, parental controls, and hours of operating time, these walkie-talkies combine the thrill of adventure with the reassurance of uninterrupted communication. With crystal-clear sound and range-extending capabilities, the UH45-4 is a testament to Uniden's commitment to affordable and quality wireless communication. The UH45-4 Series are available in single, twin, triple, and quad packs in an assortment of different colours, including camouflage.


Remember, the joy of holidays is not just about where you go or what you do - it's about the memories you make together. And what could be more memorable than your child's excitement at saying 'over and out' on their very own UH45-4 UHF Radio?


Uniden UH45-4 RRP AU$109.95

Customer enquiries: phone Uniden on 1300 366 895 or visit www.uniden.com.au


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