Gypsy Rose Guitars for Girls

Gypsy Rose Guitars for Girls

Why should the boys have all the fun? Girls love music too! Play it your way now with a great guitar, specially designed with you in mind. Featuring smaller 7/8 size bodies and slim neck design, Gypsy Rose girl guitars feel more comfortable and are easier to play.

Do you dream of being a rock goddess, a pop princess, or maybe you just want to make your own music and songs? Gypsy Rose has a guitar that's just right for you.

There's a great range for you to choose from in sparkling metal flake colours: sugar pink, stardust purple and starlight black. Every Gypsy Rose guitar comes with a fantastic accessory pack comprising of a colour coordinated carry bag, terrific sticker kit with plenty of colourful stickers for you to decorate and create your own designer look guitar, plus a BONUS SX 'Guitar Power' DVD featuring the Rock House Guitar Method including free lifetime web membership for lesson support, downloads and more. The acoustic, electric and bass models also include a matching guitar strap. Everything you need to start playing great music now!

Gypsy Rose Classical Guitar

As classic as it's styling. Nylon strings are comfortable under your fingers and together with the thin neck make it easier to learn and develop your guitar playing ability. This guitar produces a beautiful clear and mellow sound, great for classical playing, singalongs with your family and friends, or just strumming in your bedroom. Pick one up and have a play at your nearest Gypsy Rose dealer.

Gypsy Rose Acoustic Guitar

A bright and strong sound with sparkling clarity. A slimmer neck makes it easier to move up and down the fretboard, so you can accelerate your skill
level. The cutaway design provides the flexibility
to play any of your favorite music styles and play the
highest notes with comfort and ease. Perfect for strumming
or fingerpicking, get one in your hands and feel the passion!

Gypsy Rose Electric Guitar

Bluesy and slick for riffing and bending or crunching out power chords. If you like to be heard then this electric guitar is for you. Plug in to the SX amp, turn it up and squeeze that note until it screams. Rock out in your bedroom or start a band and lead the way. Rock along with the best of them!

Gypsy Rose Bass Guitar

Grab hold of one of these bass beauties made specifically for you to nail that groove. With the signature Gypsy Rose slimmer neck and smaller body, you'll play without restriction to create your own rhythm as you slap and tap and create the melodic heart beat of the band. You'll want to play for hours!

Available from all good music stores.