Harry Potter Book Night

Harry Potter Book Night


Bloomsbury Children's Books launch...


February 5th 2015 will see the first ever Harry Potter Book Night. This exciting event will give new and existing fans a chance to share the wonder of J.K. Rowling's unforgettable stories and, most excitingly, to introduce the next generation of readers to the unparalleled magic of Harry Potter. You are hereby invited to embrace the magic!


Bloomsbury Children's Books is inviting schools, bookshops, libraries and community groups to host early-evening events in celebration of Harry Potter Book Night. Bloomsbury is creating a complete Harry Potter Book Night Kit - available for free download - offering hosts everything they need to plan an unforgettable evening. The kit will include invitation templates, an event poster, games, activities and quizzes as well as ideas for dressing up and decorating the venue. The kit will be available from the new website harrypotterbooknight.com. Event hosts can register now at the site to receive the kit and updates in the run up to the big night.


Bloomsbury Children's Books will be marking Harry Potter Book Night on February 5th in their key territories, giving fans across the world an opportunity to join in the celebrations.


Bloomsbury is working closely with Harry Potter partners on plans for the inaugural Harry Potter Book Night, and this interactive celebration joins the new Jonny Duddle jackets, Harry Potter book festival events and the Jim Kay illustrated editions publishing October 2015 as part of a wider strategy from Bloomsbury to pass the magic of these unique adventures on to as many readers as possible.


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