Heroes Next Door

Heroes Next Door

Heroes Next Door is a moving, funny, inspiring and big-hearted book that shows us all that resilience and kindness are what make the difference, and that you don't have to travel far to find good people.

Over the years, through his travels, Samuel Johnson has met some amazing people – especially when he unicycled around Australia. And before the lock down, Sam and his older sister Hilde, travelled around the country talking to schools, community groups and on the side of busy streets to spread the message of the Love Your Sister Foundation. In the process, they connected and listened to people who shared with them, their own person stories. Sam and Hilde decided those stories should be known and the idea for Heroes Next Door was born.

Heroes Next Door are the narratives of ordinary Australian's, who quietly made the lives of other people better when adversity strikes. Featuring Lilly, a bright, curious girl who loved to collect wrapping paper and was obsesFoosed with Steve Irwin; Sandy and John, high school sweethearts who adopted two troubled adolescent boys; Carol who gives a plant to Cynthia every year in memory of her daughter; Stefanie who taught her family and those around the importance of organ donation, and Jessa who lost everything in the 2019 bushfires but still managed to provide the fire-fighters with muesli bars. These are just some of the many heartwarming stories collated within this book, all special and unique in their own personal way.

About the authors:
Samuel Johnson OAM is a much-loved Australian actor, best known for his work on The Secret Lives of Us, Crackerjack, Underbelly II, Rush and as the star of the hit biopic Molly. In recent times he is more proud of his work as a breast cancer advocate and determined unicyclist. He won a Gold Logie in 2017 for his work on Molly and was named the 2018 Victorian of the Year for his charity work to vanquish cancer. Samuel has retired from acting until he raises $10M for cancer research. So far the charity he set up with his sister Connie, Love Your Sister, has raised over $9M. Samuel is a bestselling author with his and Connie's book Love Your Sister and last year's Dear Santa both hitting the bestseller lists and both shortlisted for an ABIA award. His recent winning stint on Dancing with the Stars reminded all of Australia how much we love Samuel Johnson.

Hilde Hinton has been a dedicated big sister to Connie and Samuel Johnson her whole life. She is currently a Prison Officer who has avoided being a writer for many years but has finally succumbed. The Loudness of Unsaid Things is her debut novel. She lives in a boisterous house in Melbourne with a revolving door for the temporarily defeated and takes great pride in people leaving slightly better than when they arrived.

Heroes Next Door
Hachette Australia
Authors: Samuel Johnson, Hilde Hinton
ISBN: 9780733646362
RRP: $24.99